NFL Weekly Pick ‘EM sponsored by

NFL Weekly Pick ‘EM is back for another year! This year we’re making the contest bigger than ever. This year, you can put your NFL skills to the test and compete to win a 2019 Edition TEXA Truck Kit.

This TEXA diagnostic laptop kit will do what you want it to do: Dealer level functionality on virtually anything you run across. From reading and troubleshooting codes to performing forced regenerations and injector cut-out tests, the TEXA is the tool for the job. This $6,995 value could be yours… if you make the right picks this season!

How it works:

Sign up online.
Click here to visit our Yahoo Fantasy Sports Page.
Group ID = 22850  Password = diesel

Mark your calendar.
The Pick ‘Em lasts all season and through the playoffs. Picks are due 5 minutes before the kick off of each game. Don’t forget to make your picks – you cannot earn points without picking your teams!


Pro Tip #1

Don’t wait to make your picks!

It’s easy to forget to make picks each week, so avoid loosing points for missed weeks by completing the entire year up front. If you change your mind, you can still modify your picks each week.


Pro Tip #2

NFL plays every Thursday!

Don’t forget to make those Thursday Night picks!

Earn one point for each correct pick.
Select the NFL team you think will win each game.
Each correct pick is worth 1 point.

Earn extra points for being confident about your pick.
The more “confidence” points you assign, the more points you get if you are correct. So if you assign 15 points to a game, it earns you the 1 point for picking correctly and 15 more points for the “confidence” for a total of 16 points.

Drop your lowest score.
Your lowest score will be dropped during the year. If you miss a week and get zero points, you can still be in the hunt for the Championship.

Win Prizes!
Weekly winners will receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card.
The Grand Prize for the season is a 2019 Edition TEXA Truck Kit.


Any Diesel Laptops customer over the age of 18 in the United States is eligible to play. Diesel Laptops employees and their family members are prohibited.


The contest goes all season and through the playoffs. If you come into the season late, don’t worry, you could still win one of our weekly prizes. The grand prize 2019 Edition TEXA Truck Kit is awarded to the individual with the highest season score, so make sure to play as many weeks as possible for the best chance to win.