In case you missed it, Diesel Laptops and American Diesel Training Centers teamed up to host a free webinar this past week. We understand that the date may not have worked for everyone and some people simply don’t have time in their work day to dedicate an hour to a webinar. That’s why we’re making this blog post to summarize the key points from the webinar and provide you with a link to the video you can watch at any time!

Key Takeaways

  • Help the industry produce more technicians
    • The education system for diesel technicians is broken and the Unites States is only producing around 5,000 diesel technicians a year.
    • There is a major lack of diesel programs in the United States and these programs can be expensive and time-consuming.
    • Students often leave school with false expectations because they are over-training in skills that employers aren’t looking for in entry-level applicants. American Diesel Training Centers offers an alternative to traditional schooling that solves all of these problems.
  • Recruit existing technicians
    • The odds of success when recruiting online or with banners outside your shop are very low with the shortage as bad as it is. Big names in the industry have dozens of full-time recruiters out looking for technicians.
    • Getting assistance from third-party recruitment professionals like Find a Wrench can be extremely helpful since they know the industry.
  • improve the efficiency and productivity of current technicians
    • Outsource your work if possible with programs like Virtual Diesel Technician. This program allows our in-house technicians to see exactly what your technician sees and provide you with a repair plan.
    • Make sure your technicians are properly trained. Programs like Today’s Class Technician give techs the opportunity to train anytime, anywhere. The quizzes are short and allow your techs to compare scores to one another. The more your technicians know, the better they’ll be able to do their job, the more efficient they can do their job, the more hours you can free up in their job. There are also many free training opportunities available.
    • Utilize free software like Truck Fault Codes, Truck Parts Cross, and DieselVIN. These applications allow you to get the necessary information quickly and easily. As an added bonus, they’re all available as mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.
  • Retain your current technicians
    • Company culture is important regardless of the size of your company. One of the best ways to improve culture is to invest in your employees and make them feel respected and appreciated.
    • The reason people leave companies typically boils down to one thing: the employees are unhappy. It doesn’t have to be expensive to reward your technicians and make them feel appreciated.

Watch the full webinar below

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