Just in time for Independence Day, Diesel Laptops is bringing back last year’s immensely popular Freedom to Choose promotion! This year the program has been expanded to include not just TEXA Dealer Level Kits, but Cojali Kits as well. So now when you purchase any TEXA or Cojali Dealer Level Diagnostic Kit (shown below) from July 1 through July 31, 2018 you can choose from one of our three valuable reward packages outlined in this blog post.

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To redeem this offer, please call our sales team and they will guide you through the redemption process. You can also, contact your Territory Sales Manager directly.  (Please note, rewards can not be traded for cash equivalent discount.)

TEXA Dealer Level Truck Diagnostic Scanner Tool with Laptop

Cojali Jaltest Heavy and Medum Truck Diagnostic Laptop Tool

TEXA 2018 Edition Truck Diagnostic Tool with eTruck

Cojali Jaltest Agriculture and Farm Diagnostic Tool

Cojali Jaltest Truck and Off-Highway Diagnostic Tool

Cojali Jaltest Dealer Level Construction Kit

Dealer Level Farm & Construction Diagnostic Kit for John Deere

TEXA Construction & Off Highway Diagnostic Scanner Laptop Tool

TEXA Truck and Off Highway Combo Diagnostic Tool

Option One – The Gear Package

Free Diesel Laptops Fender Cover, Grypmat Set and Diesel Laptops Urea DEF Refractometer

The Diesel Laptops Fender Cover is the perfect accessory for protecting your fender against accidental scrapes, scuffs and dings that could otherwise easily occur during routine work. The Diesel Laptops Fender cover is made of heavy duty black chemical resistant vinyl. Magnets are sewn into the corners to ensure it stays in place while you work. 

To keep your tools handy, we’re including a trio of Grypmats (retail price – $169.99). This three pack includes one of each size in small, medium and large. These high performance, non-magnetic, non slip, chemical resistant, anti-static rubber tool mats keep your tools and hardware in place, no matter where you need to put them. Thanks to the Grypmat, tool users can focus on their work without having to worry about runaway screws or misplaced hardware.

In addition to the Fender Cover and Grypmat Set, this reward option also comes with the Diesel Laptops Urea DEF Refractometer, a handy tool to keep on hand for testing Diesel Exhaust Fluid concentration. 

Together, these awesome accessories retail for $239.97 but can be yours free of charge when you purchase any TEXA Dealer Level Diagnostic Kit and choose Option One as your reward.

Option Two – The Support Package

One Free Year of Level One Technical Support

Choosing this option provides the most significant value, with a potential added value of $2,015.* By choosing The Support Package option, an additional year of Level One Basic Technical Support will be added to your TEXA or Cojali Dealer Level Kit order. Level One Basic Technical Support includes 12 months of software updates and phone support for connection and software issues.

*2,015 value based on Jaltest Truck Level One plus Jaltest Construction Level One which are both included with the Cojali Jaltest Truck and Off Highway Diagnostic Tool.

Option Three – The Training Package

Get an additional in-classroom training held at the Diesel Laptops Training Facility in South Carolina.

Diesel Laptops is committed to providing the best possible training for Diesel Technicians. Our in-house training department offers live, in-person training courses on the most requested training topics in the industry, such as:

These courses range from four to eight hours in length and are priced between $250 – $500. One of these courses is already included with the purchase of a TEXA or Cojali Dealer Level Kit, but with this Training Package option, you will receive an additional free training class. 


888-983-1975 ext 1

If you have any questions regarding this promotion, please call the number listed above and our sales team will be glad to assist you.