Are you done wasting time trying to hunt down leaks in your Aftertreatment system? Frustrated with not being able to find the root cause of your expensive aftertreatment repairs? Redline’s HD PowerSmoke™ is your answer!

“Since we have started using this we have cut diagnosis times and increased overall efficiency in our shop. Using this technology has saved us around two thirds the time in locating faults. We have improved our customer service by 38%. By adding this technology, we are repairing 2 more vehicles every day. That’s huge.”
Chris Michael

Valley Power Systems

HD PowerSmoke

Developed with a big rig truck manufacturer, the Redline HD PowerSmoke is the only leak finder currently on the market that is both high pressure and variable pressure. The device uses both compressed air and a vapor producing fluid to make a visible vapor. This vapor will allow technicians to clearly identify any leaks while the device replicates a high-pressure boost load of a running engine. The HD PowerSmoke allows you to test the entire system for faults all while the engine is off.

The HD PowerSmoke is the only diagnostic machine in the heavy-duty market that can detect any high-pressure leak, find the exact location of the leak, and identify any components that may be failing in 10 minutes. Setting up takes 5 minutes and the test takes 10 minutes. In as little as 15 minutes, you can finally locate issues like:

    • The root cause of excessive DPF regeneration events
    • Turbo and boost leaks
    • Charge air cooler leaks
    • Exhaust system leaks
    • Cabin leaks
    • Intake system leaks
    • Seals, gasket, hoses, fittings, etc.
    • Dangerous fumes in the cabin

Power Intake

In addition to the HD Powersmoke, Redline has also manufactured the Power Intake™ adaptor set. Power Intake is a pair of OEM globally mandated inflatable block off bladders. With Power Intake, technicians can simulate running a boosted engine in order to service and repair turbo, diesel, supercharged, and high-performance engines all while the engine is off. Power Intake allows you to:

    • Reduce diagnostic time
    • Get rid of guesswork and comebacks
    • Sell even more parts

If you’re ready to save time and money, check out the HD PowerSmoke here and start increasing your fuel economy, minimize business interruptions, extend DPF life, lower overall maintenance costs and more!