We here at Diesel Laptops are always looking for ways to enrich your experience with anything that we make.  That’s why we are proud to announce yet another group of compelling updates that just launched for DTC Solutions v2.9.2.  We are getting very close to version 3.0, and it’s going to blow your mind.  However, today we are going to discuss the newest update and its developments.

New “News” ins DTC Solutions v2.9.2

First, we added a “News” tab. One of the reoccurring concerns from our customers is that we don’t tell you about the changes that we add to a delivered update. Well no longer. We will explicitly show you everything that we’ve added to this version and future versions, as well. 

Using the “News” tab allows you to find out more about v2.9.2.  With it, you can quickly and easily learn what new things have arrived from Diesel Laptops.  That way, you always remain in the loop.

More Manufacturer Modules

The next thing you’ll notice is 41 more database modules.  We also included a bunch of Sprinter information since some were missing.  We also added a whole bunch more wiring diagrams in the program; we have an entire division devoted to pumping out wiring diagrams and component locators.

VIN Decoding Done Right

In an earlier update, we released the VIN decoder.  All you have to do is pop a VIN in the text bar, and it decodes it.  It even functions for international VINs, as well, instantly!  We have all commercial diesel trucks prepared from about the year 2000 and current.  We monitor all failed decoding so that we can research any missed opportunities, and we’re continually expanding its coverage.  We’ve even branched out to trailers, equipment, automotive, and all kinds of stuff.

Reliable Referencing

The other application you might not be aware of is TruckPartsCross.  TruckPartsCross is a way for you to cross-reference part numbers and aftermarket part numbers with each other.  When you pick a part number, the software automatically populates all relative part numbers.

By the way, we have a new category in the database called “Cross-References” that goes even farther to provide you with millions of indirect crosses that compares aftermarket to aftermarket parts and even some OEM to aftermarket products.

Fix the Faults

Another software that is a part of this program is Fault Codes.  Its functions are straightforward in its ability to provide you with solutions for your system errors codes.  Every single commercial truck that you can think of is in this system. 

For example, if you search your vehicle data, you will be able to populate information like component locators and wiring diagrams, which are integral to finding solutions for your fault codes.  Those documents can be generated in PDF form so you can download and save for later use.

As far as working online and offline goes, you don’t need to be online to access the repair information. While repair information is typically readily available for all the codes offline, you do need to be online to receive news, VIN Decoder data, and of course TruckPartsCross part information.

We’re here for you

Ultimately, we’re trying to place as much information in front of you, so if you’ve been a customer for a long time at Diesel Laptops, you know that you get DTC Solutions and all its integrated programs for free when you buy one of our Diesel Diagnostic Kits.  It’s a lifetime license; it never expires. We also sell this program separately on our website if you choose to go that direction and buy it outright since you have your own stuff.

Either way, that’s it for the update notes.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact Diesel Laptops at 888-983-1975, or email us at sales@diesellaptops.com