Diesel Laptops proudly introduces a new company in the automotive diagnostic industry, TopDon. They are a unique team who has a sharp focus on product development and innovation that produces the most optimal user experience possible.

TopDon’s customer-centered diagnostic aims are aligned with our own.  We’ve decided to add their diagnostic products to our line of intuitive technology.  We care about our customers.  Because of that, we spend countless hours searching for opportunities that make your diagnostic efforts flow much smoother.

TopDon has an incredible automotive product range.  However, we’ve hand-picked a few of their items that perfectly fit the Diesel Laptops ideal of diagnostic technology.  Take a look at the TopDon diagnostic products that you can buy through our Diesel Laptops website!

Automotive diagnostics by TopDon

Pro Range Tools

ArtiPad I

The ArtiPad I is a revolutionary solution for automotive diagnostics.  Its intuitive design is based on the multitasking, fully-capable powerhouse that is the Android operating system. 

This diagnostic tool delivers quick and comprehensive troubleshooting and analyses to help you solve your problems more efficiently.  TopDon also boasts significantly decreased downtime and increased revenue in your business.


The ArtiMini is a more portable option for vehicle trouble diagnostics.  Of course, it is powered by the Android operating system.  TopDon, its cutting edge troubleshooting technology includes wireless remote-diagnoses, extensive vehicle coverage, robust functionality, and provides precise test results all in a portable, lightweight package.

DIY Diagnostic Device


The ArtiDiag100 is a DIY diagnostic scanner that is designed to help users deal with car diagnoses quickly. Some of the functions include all system analyses, oil reset, EPB reset, and other tasks that are a bit simpler than what you’d need to do with the more powerful Pro Range diagnostic tools.

TopDon to the rescue for automotive diagnostics


Diesel Laptops is widely known for its expertise in diesel diagnostics and technical support.  We know diagnostics, and we do diagnostics right. We don’t carry products that we don’t trust, and TopDon’s Arti-line of automotive diagnostic technology will take care of all your automotive diagnostic troubleshooting needs.

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