Trouble Connecting your Service Tools? Download our FREE Troubleshooting Guide [pdf]

The training team over at Diesel Laptops has created an intelligent, step-by-step instructional document on diagnosing an Electronic Service Tool connection issue.  Diesel Laptops technology is intuitive and takes care of your diagnostic needs.  However, our products only work if they connect.  For that reason, we’ve created this report in the unlikely event your product gives you issues with connection.

There may be various reasons you have encountered connection issues with your device.  This document, while not the absolute guide, is an excellent starter guide that could potentially save you valuable hours trying to figure it all out on your own.  Diesel Laptops cares about you, the technician, and we take pride in offering this guide to you for free.

Connection Diagnostics: FREE DOWNLOAD FOR YOU!

That’s right; it’s free for technicians!  Here is what you’ll find in the Connection Diagnostics PDF:

1.     Detailed visuals

Graphics and images are all over this document.  We know that while this isn’t a direct hands-on approach, seeing is believing.  With the included visuals, you can easily keep up with the instructions and quickly diagnose your connection issue.

2.     Step-by-step instructions

The instructions were written by the Training Manager here at Diesel Laptops.  Not only do we have decades of combined experience, but our training department and its team knows how to make things easy to follow so that you aren’t struggling with following the content.

3.     Screenshots

You’ll be able to catch a firsthand glimpse at what your computer or software should look like with our purposed screenshots.  They will show you exactly what you need to see when you are going through the troubleshooting and resolution process for your connection problem.

4.     Issue related sections

Skip ahead.  We considered your time when creating this layout.  There is no need to read the entire document if you’ve determined what your issue is.  You can do that by using the questionnaire we placed at the beginning of the material.

Download your free Connection Diagnostics PDF TODAY!

Don’t waste time trying to figure it out yourself.  Download your free PDF by filling out the form below.  IT’S TOTALLY FREE!  It’s a gift from us to you as thanks for being a part of the Diesel Laptops family.

If you have any questions, call our team at 888-983-1975 extension 755 to get in touch with our Training Department.  Also, ask about technical support.