Customers are key

Diesel Laptops is proud to introduce a new agenda designed to help business owners like yourself grow your market.

The most important stakeholder in your business isn’t the employees. It isn’t your partners; neither is it the investors. The most important stakeholder in your company is CUSTOMERS! Without customers, your business is not even a business!

If you own a repair shop without anything to repair, goodbye “business.” If you’re in retail and you sell parts, good luck pushing your products if there is no one to buy.

You must have customers that need help to have a legitimate business whether it is consumer-based or business-to-business sales. Diesel Laptops understands that and wants to help you get more and better clients.

How will the Distributor Program help my business?

Simple. Diesel Laptops is one of the fastest growing companies in the diesel industry, but that’s not by any means through some few lucky strokes. Through hard work, dedication, and (most importantly) reliable products, we here at Diesel Laptops are proud to serve a company that is not only showered in wonderful customer reviews but able to back up all that praise.

We say all that to say that we understand the strain of building something from literally nothing and trying to win clients that not only give you the time of day, but buy from you, too! That’s why we want to help. We want you to be able to be represented by the same trustworthy products that have gotten us to where we are now.

Every day we compete with corporations that have been in business for 30, 40, or even 50 years, but Diesel Laptops is just over four years old. You don’t play with the big dogs unless you can bark like one and trust us; we bark louder.

What are the benefits of the Distributor Program?

Great margins!

Compared to related companies, Diesel Laptops not only offers higher quality diagnostic tools for you and your customers, but we also have greater margins so that you aren’t depleting your budget getting our products in your doors.

We have a team dedicated to finding options that are ideal for you in consideration of your budget and customer demands.

New and unique products!

We at Diesel Laptops know all too well the reaction businesses receive whenever there is an announcement of a new product. It positively affects growth having unique and innovative products regularly in your facility.

Since you dedicate your time to other aspects of your business, Diesel Laptops wants to offer solutions that give customers products that not only are different and fresh but products that are durable and will represent you as a company in the best way possible.

Diesel Laptops is trusted by thousands of customers, clients, and other business owners as having the greatest diesel diagnosticians in the industry. We’re the fastest growing company for a reason; we want to bring you along for the ride to the top by offering you the opportunity to get some new products in your facility that are also proven gems in the market.

You’ll be exhilarated to see your customers respect and trust for you skyrocket when you show up to the sandbox with some shiny, new toys.

I care about my customers! I want more information!

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We’re all on the same truck, so let’s help your customers solve their problems together!

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