Diesel Laptops University is a collaborative effort with Today’s Class, an industry-leading provider of ASE-accredited, interactive online learning. In conjunction with our in-person, instructor led training classes we can now offer you technician training classes in a variety of formats.

Besides the fact that finding diesel technicians is a real challenge, finding qualified diesel technicians is even more challenging. You also want your current technicians to improve their skills, which results in your shops ability to provide better and quicker service to your customers. The industry also has a severe lack of training available to diesel and automotive technicians. Diesel Laptops University has a solution to these training problems.

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Course Content

Diesel Laptops University offers online courses that are created by ASE-Certified Instructors. These courses are also great for ASE test preparation, and all successful students of our online courses will receive a Certificate of Completion. Course content is covered in over 50 languages, contains interactive lab simulations, videos, pictures, and much more.

Diesel Laptops University Courses

The online courses currently available will appeal to both automotive and diesel technicians. The courses cover subject matters such as:

Alternative Fuels and Hybrid Vehicles

Utilize the Diesel Laptops University online learning center for increase your truck diagnostic and repair skills. As time moves forward, we see more and more non-traditional vehicles entering todays highways. This class will cover alterative fuels being used today, along with hybrid vehicles that use more than one energy source.

Automatic Transmissions

Automatic transmissions have long been the standard for class 7 and lower commercial trucks, along with most automobiles. They are also quickly gaining ground in the class 8 commercial truck market. The students that complete this class will have an understanding of these amazing pieces of mechanical engineering, along with basic diagnostics of them.

Automotive Computer System Diagnostics

Vehicles have quickly become rolling computer system, and this course will teach you everything about proper use of scan tools, sync zones, onboard diagnostics, and much more.

Batteries Starting & Charging Systems

Some of the most common causes of electrical problems are batteries, grounds, alternators, and starters. This course will go through operation, diagnostic, and repair. Course topics include battery safety, how batteries lose power, charging and replacement, generator functions, electrical testing and more.

Brake Systems (Air & Hydraulic)

This course will cover both air and hydraulic brake systems from passenger cars up to larger commercial trucks. Course topics include Brake System Fundamentals, Brake Diagnosis Procedure, Introduction to Hydraulic Systems, Power Assist Systems Overview and Diagnosis and more.

Diesel Engine Introduction

Diesel engines are common place in larger personal trucks, and of course they dominate the commercial truck landscape. This class will cover all the basics of diesel engines, how they operate, and what the various components actually do. Course topics include Diesel Basics, Fuels and Fuel Injection, Air Induction, Mechanical Systems, Emission Control and more.

Drivetrain Components (Clutch, Driveshaft, & Axles)

While engines power the vehicle, the drivetrain is what moves it along the road. Our online course will give the student an overview of all the components, and how they work together.

Electrical System Advanced Course I

If you feel that you know the basics of vehicle electrical systems and are ready to learn more, this Advanced Course is what you need. You will learn about semiconductors, computer system memory, input devices, and much more. Course topics include Concepts, applications and components of automotive electronics, Measuring and interpreting analog and digital signals, pulse-width modulation, computer inputs and outputs and more.

Electrical System Advanced Course II

Our most advanced electrical course is offered for those really wanting to get into the deep end of the pool with electrical systems. This includes learning about data waveform, computer outputs, and much more. Course topics include Computer features & memory, Serial Communication, including data format, data waveform, and serial data liens, Data Inputs, including switches, digital, analog, or variable signals and more.

Electrical System Basics & Principles

Electrical systems continue to grow in complexity, and todays technicians need to know how they work, how to diagnose them, and how to work with them. The student that completes this course will have a greater understanding on electrical systems. Course topics include Electrical Properties, Digital Multimeters, Series Circuits, Ohm’s Law and more.

Emission Systems Overview

This Emissions Systems Overview class is intended to improve your product knowledge on the various components and operations of the emission system. Course Topics include Identifying the emissions created by internal combustion engines and the operating conditions that can minimize them and more.

Engine Performance (Gas Powered)

Understanding how an engine works is one thing, but being able to diagnosis, troubleshoot, and repair engine performance is something else. This is exactly what this course covers. The student that completes this course will be ready to systematically tackle those pesky engine problems by utilizing both fault code diagnostics and symptom based diagnostics.

Engine Repair (Gas Powered)

After understanding how an engine works and troubleshooting properly, the next step is learning how to properly repair them. The student that completes this course will have a better and deeper understanding of what it takes to repair an engine.

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Driver comfort is a big deal, and this course goes through the entire HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning) systems. The student that completes this course will learn theory, the various components used in these systems, and troubleshooting procedures.

Preventive Maintenance Inspection & Service (PMI)

The Preventive Maintenance & Service (PMI) course is important in improving vehicle uptime and minimizing costly repairs.

Service, Safety, Shop Equipment & the EPA

There are thousands of ways to hurt yourself when working on vehicles, and this training class will cover everything you need to know. Brush up on your EPA rules and regulations, waste handling, and basic shop safety.

Shop Safety and Best Practices

While shop safety isn’t the most thrilling subject matter, it is important and could save someones life. This course will dive deep into shop safety, including first aid, protective equipment, and best practices.

Steering and Suspension Systems

Knowing how a steering system and suspension system work is important when troubleshooting and making repairs. Improper steering and suspension systems can lead to premature tire wear, vibrations, and even cause accidents. This course will cover everything you need to know on these systems.

Diesel Laptops Difference

Any company can sell you a diagnostic tool, but the difference becomes what they can provide you once you purchase it. We call it the Diesel Laptop Difference. This includes you receiving wide variety of additional software applications, USA-based diesel technicians for support, and our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, we also offer you the opportunity for free training classes. All customers that purchase one of our professional level diagnostic tools receive vouchers to receive free training both online at Diesel Laptops University and in-person at our headquarters in South Carolina.

Contact Information

The Diesel Laptop University courses can also be purchased separately from our website, by doing a live chat,  or calling us at 888-983-1975. For clients looking at purchasing multiple courses (10 or more), please contact us for group discount rates.