Update – this promotion has been extended until December 31, 2018.

From now through December 31, 2018, all purchasers of the TEXA eTruck will receive a free year of Level 3 Support from Diesel Laptops. This offer applies to all past customers as well.

TEXA eTruck allows you to remotely monitor your vehicles health, diagnostic codes, live data, and perform remote diagnostic commands such as a DPF Regeneration. You can learn more in our blog post regarding TEXA eTruck, including video examples.

While the TEXA Truck software has a lifetime license, you do only receive updates and support for the first 12-months. After that period, you lose the ability to update any software, along with utilizing our technical support team. Our Level 3 Support Package is normally $1195 per year, and includes complete warranty on your hardware, updates for all software programs, and our USA-based technical support department.

Customers looking at this promotion will fall under one of three categories:

You purchased a TEXA Truck kit over 12-months ago and have not purchased a Support Package

Let’s get you caught up! You are probably missing some great software programs such as DTC Solution 2.0, DTC Solutions Off Highway, Labor Time Guide with Estimating, Knowledge Base 2.0, and a ton more. All of this comes free with this promotion.

You’ve already purchased TEXA eTruck

Your purchase of TEXA eTruck will give you an additional year of Level 3 support at no charge. There isn’t anything you need to do, the paperwork has already been processed.

You purchase a new TEXA Truck kit by December 31, 2018

Your purchase of TEXA eTruck with your diagnostic kit will give you 2-years of Level 3 Support.


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