There is a new way to perform your vehicle diagnostics, and it is called the Total Shop Solution from Diesel Laptops. This solution solves several problems, such as hiring qualified diesel technicians to diagnose your vehicles, purchasing expensive software licenses, and sourcing repair and troubleshooting information. At a high level, the Total Shop Solution includes the following:

  • A multi-brand, dealer level truck diagnostic tool.
  • A tablet with our Diesel Laptops LTE Network.
  • A multi-brand, dealer level automotive diagnostic tool.
  • Access to our entire diagnostic tool and software library.
  • Unlimited usage of our Remote Programming Kits.
  • Unlimited usage of our Virtual Diesel Technicians.
  • Complete warranty, support, and update coverage.

How the Total Shop Solution Works

Once you are enrolled in the program, we will send you the hardware to your facility. While you can use everything as much as possible, we take it to the next level with our Virtual Diesel Technician service. The included tablet and laptop have software that allows us to remotely connect to you and see what you see on the vehicle. Our live, experienced diesel technicians at our location will then help you remotely diagnose your truck. This is done through a combination of utilizing the diagnostic system we provided, the live video stream, and using our database of information and repairs.

Our Virtual Diesel Technician will then provide you with repair guidance, along with providing you with other materials such as wiring diagrams, remove and replace instructions, and much more. Our Virtual Diesel Technicians are all based here at our company headquarters in South Carolina, all of which carry various certifications from the truck repair industry.

Our Commitment to You

There is no one tool that can do 100% of everything you run across, but in this program, we can make that commitment. The multi-brand, dealer level tools we send you will do anywhere from 95-98% of what you want it to do on commercial trucks and automotive. This includes DPF regens, cylinder cut-out tests, injector programming, parameter changes, and a ton more. However, in those situations where it will NOT do what is needed, we will either remotely install software or send you a loaner tool to complete the job.

If there is a legal, available diagnostic program or software program that exists, we will get it to you.

This includes programming of ECMs, password removals, automotive programming, and much more. The important thing to note is that some OEMs have decided to NOT make all the commands available to the public, and in those cases, there are no options that exist in the marketplace. This includes things such as:

  • Calibrating a VPOD on a 2006 & Older Detroit Series 60 (Requires reprogramming of the engine ECM to a test serial number to complete).
  • Programming ECMs on 2009 & older Volvo & Mack Trucks (Volvo & Mack only allow 2010 and newer).
  • Obtaining a factory password to unlock a CAT engine (CAT only allows dealers and distributors to do this)

After selling tens of thousands of diagnostic tools over the years, we have a clear idea on what can and can’t be done with what is available today in the market place.

Warranty, Updates, and Support

During the program period, all your hardware and software is covered under warranty. This means if anything should fail or stop working, there is no charge to you unless it is damaged or lost by the customer. You will also receive updates on everything we have provided you, along with receiving all new software and products we launch under the Diesel Laptops name. This means you are always updated, always current, and have no extra out of pocket expenses.

Our technical support team is always available to assist, so even in situations where you are performing the diagnostics or repair yourself, our team is there to assist with sourcing repair information, wiring diagrams, and any other technical information you may need.

What it Costs

This program is a bit different then what you might be used. You no longer have any up-front, expensive fees. In this case, you sign a 3-year agreement with Diesel Laptops for a low monthly fee, which we auto-draft each month. Currently this program is priced at $599 per month. At this rate, you should easily be able to put more money in your pocket:

  • You now can diagnose and troubleshoot anything you come across. You don’t need to turn work away or send it somewhere else!
  • You don’t need to tie up an expensive technicians’ time by doing diagnosing. Have a lower rate technician connect the laptop, contact our technical support, and let us do the diagnostics for you!
  • For repair shops, our recommendation would be to charge your customers a flat rate diagnostic fee on each repair. Even if you only charged 3 customers $50 per week for this service, the tool pays for itself.
  • You can stop paying for third party repair information. Our tool includes a TON of repair information, and what we don’t have we will find for you.
  • The included tool also includes a universal truck parts cross reference application, labor time guide, and estimating software. These programs don’t cost you extra and will save you both time and money.

More Information

If you are interested in learning more, you can contact one of the following ways:

  • Call us at 888-983-1975 option 1.
  • Chat with us through the live chat (During business hours).
  • Talk to your local sales representative.
  • Fill out the form below to be contacted.