Introducing TEXA eTruck

TEXA eTruck is a remote diagnostic tool that is plugged into the diagnostic connector of a commercial truck. It then pairs up via Bluetooth with a mobile phone or tablet in the cab of the vehicle, which in turn transmits data to the Internet. The eTruck device is not intended to be an EDL, geolocator, or logistics information tool. This tool is intended to extend the range of the TEXA Truck diagnostic platform, giving both drivers and fleet managers an easy, seamless way to perform diagnostics.

TEXA eTruck Capabilities and Benefits

The TEXA eTruck device is designed to work with 2004 emission engines and newer. While there are many other remote diagnostic devices in the market, the one that makes the eTruck stand out from the rest is the fact that you can perform dealer level commands remotely. This includes the ability to perform a DPF regen on a truck that is literally thousands of miles away from you. Other capabilities include:

  • Viewing and clearing inactive and active diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs).
  • View historic driving style statistics such as hard brakes, miles driven, fuel economy, and much more.
  • View live information such as engine load, fuel level, fuel rate, oil position, accelerator position, and much more.
  • Set vehicle maintenance reminders and service schedules.
  • Perform dealer level diagnostic commands such as DPF regenerations.

Pricing and Availability

The TEXA eTruck is available from Diesel Laptops in two different ways. The first is if you currently own a TEXA Truck diagnostic tool and wish to purchase some remote modules to install. You can purchase them in Packs of 5 units or Packs of 25 units. They run around $325 each. If you have purchased your TEXA Truck tool within the first 12-months, there is not any extra fee for a software license. If you do need to purchase a software license, the prices range from $180 (1-50 units) up to $480 (201-999 units) per year. Using this option, you would be responsible for installing and monitoring the vehicles with the eTruck installed.

More Information

To receive more information on the TEXA eTruck, please contact our sales team via the contact form below or call us at 888-983-1975 option 1. We have additional literature and demonstrations available.

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