For the month of July, Diesel Laptops is offering an amazing new promotion, where we give you the freedom to choose your own reward! Purchase any TEXA Dealer Level Diagnostic Kit from July 1 through July 31, 2018 and you can choose from one of our three valuable reward packages listed below.

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To redeem this offer, please call our sales team and they will guide you through the redemption process. You can also, contact your Territory Sales Manager directly.  (Please note, rewards can not be traded for cash equivalent discount.)

Option One

Free Diesel Laptops Tough Case, Grypmat Set and Diesel Laptops Power Bank

This first reward option features two of our newest products, the Diesel Laptops Tough Case and the Diesel Laptops High Capacity Rechargeable Power Bank. The Diesel Laptops Tough Case is the perfect accessory for your TEXA Dealer Level Diagnostic Kit, offering airtight protection from dust and moisture. The rugged case is tough enough to withstand all of the daily abuse that’s par for the course in any truck shop or construction site. The Tough case retails for $249 and is available in two colors: black or yellow. For a full review, check out our blog post.

To keep your tools handy, we’re including a trio of Grypmats (retail price – $129.99). This three pack includes one of each size in small, medium and large. These high performance, non-magnetic, non slip, chemical resistant, anti-static rubber tool mats keep your tools and hardware in place, no matter where you need to put them. Thanks to the Grypmat, tool users can focus on their work without having to worry about runaway screws or misplaced hardware.

In addition to the Tough Case and Grypmat Set, this reward option also comes with the Diesel Laptops High Capacity Rechargeable Power Bank. This handy portable charger packs a massive 38,000 mAh battery to power your devices via USB or the built in cigarette lighter. There’s also a flashlight with distress and strobe light capabilities. The Diesel Laptops High Capacity Rechargeable Power Bank retails for $109.99 and comes with its own handy carrying case (not pictured.)

Together, these awesome accessories retail for $488.99 but can be yours free of charge when you purchase any TEXA Dealer Level Diagnostic Kit and choose Option One as your reward.

Option Two

One Free Year of Unlimited 4G LTE Data on the Diesel Laptops LTE Network

Choosing this option is perfect for anyone who works in a mobile setting or is often out of Wi-Fi range. So if you’re diagnosing agricultural equipment out in the field, changing parameters on construction equipment on a job site or even working on truck in the parking lot when it’s too far from the shop’s Wi-Fi, this is the perfect option for you. You’ll be able to access 4G LTE data speeds (the fastest available today) on your Panasonic CF-31 or CF-54.

By choosing this option, you will be getting one free year of unlimited data, which retails for $499 as well as activation on one device, which is normally $99 per device. This reward package has a value of $598 and can be yours for free when you purchase any TEXA Dealer Level Diagnostic Kit from now until July 31st and choose Option Two as your reward.  More information on our new LTE Network, including a detailed coverage map can be found here on our blog.

Option Three

Mix and match any three licenses of DTC Solutions, DTC Solutions Off-highway or Labor Time Guide

The third reward option is the only customizable option in the group, but is by far the most valuable, ranging from $1,497 on the lowest end, all the way up to a whopping $2,997 worth of free software licenses on the highest end.

Here’s how it works: choose Option Three and you will get three free software licenses of your choice. Your options are DTC Solutions, DTC Solutions Off-Highway and Labor Time Guide. You can either to get three licenses of the same software (ie three copies of DTC Solutions) or you can mix and match them as you see fit. Read below for more information about the software choices…

  1. DTC Solutions (retail price $499) is the most concise, easy to use diagnostic code troubleshooting software you will ever see. This program is very simple, just pick your ECM (Engine, transmission, or ABS), pick your code and read the solution. It’s that simple to use. Be sure to check our blog for a full feature list or to learn more about the new auto-update feature.
  2. DTC Solutions Off-Highway Edition (retail price $999) provides the same level of detailed repair solutions as its heavy truck counterpart. Existing users of DTC Solutions will feel right at home with the familiar interface and new users will love being able to jump right in with little-to-no learning curve. For a full review, check our blog.
  3. Labor Time Guide software from Diesel Laptops (retail price – $499) allows you to look up labor times for all of your class 8 commercial trucks, engines, and transmissions. For a full run down of this software’s capabilities, including video walk throughs, please see our blog post.

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If you have any questions regarding this promotion, please call the number listed above and our sales team will be glad to assist you.