Diesel Laptops is excited to announce that our Labor Time Guide software is now called Labor Time Guide with Estimating! Besides having the ability to find common labor time hours for heavy duty commercial trucks, you can now crate your own estimates. This software program comes standard on all of our kits, and also is available to purchase stand alone.


Professional Looking Estimates

You now have the ability to create professional looking estimates. Users can easily add their company information, company logo, sales tax rates, and labor rate. The estimating system allows you to add your own parts, labor, and other items to the estimate. You can then email the estimate directly to the customer from within the application, save it to PDF, or print it out.

Customer Database

Our software program easily allows you to save not only your customers information, but their specific vehicle information as well. All estimates can be saved for future use, so you can easily pull up previous estimates that you’ve completed.

Purchasing Labor time guide

Heavy truck labor time estimates have now been made simpler than ever thanks to the release of Labor Time Guide from Diesel Laptops. Labor Time Guide allows users to look up common labor times for removing and replacing components on all class 8 trucks, along with the engines, transmissions, and power train components.