This post is designed to help inform fleet managers, purchasing agents, and individuals involved in the bid process for a truck and/or off highway diagnostic tool. Often, we find that government municipalities are confused on the differences that Diesel Laptops equipment comes with, and misinformation is spread by other companies involved in the bid process. This post is mainly covering our TEXA Dealer Level diagnostic tool. At the end of this post you can find some information to help your bid process, such as our Sole Source Provider letter, along with bid templates you can use in your process.

Repair Information

One of the largest negatives with the TEXA diagnostic tool is that it includes very, very little repair information in the software itself. TEXA does sell, at an additional fee of $300, repair information called TEXA@INFO. However, this information is very, very limited. In fact, it only contains repair information on two engine lines – Cummins and Detroit. The information that it does contain on these engines is also very sparse. In the history of Diesel Laptops, and the thousands of units we have sold, we have never sold TEXA@INFO due to the poor coverage.

To solve this problem, Diesel Laptops has created its own line of repair information that is only available on our kits. You will not be able to purchase this from any other company besides Diesel Laptops. This includes:

  • DTC Solutions – A simple, easy to use program that contains repair information on every single diagnostic code that exists. It also includes wiring diagrams for engines. These wiring diagrams are made by Diesel Laptops, and are not available by any other means.
  • Knowledge Base – This is a repository of repair manuals that is offered by Diesel Laptops. These have been collected over time, and our Knowledge Base software allows you to easily locate and find the information you are looking for. This program is not sold separately.
  • Mobile Apps – As our customer base has grown, so has the demand for information to be accessed on mobile devices. Diesel Laptops has created its own like of apps for the iOS and Android devices, which are free to use for our customers.

Wiring Diagrams

Technically, TEXA does contain wiring diagrams in their software. There is no extra charge for these wiring diagrams. However, the number and quality of the wiring diagrams included is limited. As an example, we can look at CAT wiring diagrams with TEXA. Their software currently includes 11 wiring diagrams. However, it does not include any wiring diagrams for C10, C13, 3406E, or 3100 series. The wiring diagrams included with Diesel Laptop kits includes over 50 unique diagrams just for CAT engines.

All the wiring diagrams from Diesel Laptops are also color coded, with the included OEM wire numbers as well. This information is easily found in our repair information database. The TEXA software itself does not include chassis wiring diagrams, while the Diesel Laptops version does.

Technical Support

The technical support offered by TEXA consists of a service called iSupport. When a user has an issue with something such as a truck not communicating, or a function not working, you then would put together an iSupport ticket and send it to TEXA. In our experience, this typically takes several business days to receive a response back from TEXA, which usually is too late since the truck is long gone. This is by design, as TEXA is not built for themselves to support the end user. This burden is passed to the TEXA dealer that is selling the diagnostic tool.

This is where Diesel Laptops really shines in several areas. First, we are the only company in North America with a full staffed call center for diagnostic tools. We find that customers fall into one of two categories:

  • They need “basic” support. This usually involves minor issues such as software updates, software licensing issues, computer problems, and connectivity issues.
  • They need “advanced” support. This involves questions concerning the troubleshooting of the vehicle, questions on which commands to run, or need help finding repair information.

Our staff of technical support at Diesel Laptops contains both computer experts and diesel technicians. Over half of our technical staff has a diesel repair background. While virtually every other tool seller will either provide “basic” support or pass it off to the tool manufacturer, Diesel Laptops takes the next step forward by providing industry expert advice on truck diagnostics and repair guidance.

Currently we have over 10 individuals in our technical support department, and we are open from 7 am to 9 pm EST Monday through Friday. We are open when your business is open, and we are there to help solve your problems.

Diesel Defense

You’ve just made a large investment, so let us help protect it! Every laptop kit we send out includes in our Diesel Defense package. This software allows us to help protect your investment by providing GPS tracking, remote lock down capability, and remote data wiping. This means that if your laptop is lost or stolen, we can remotely track the tool. We can also lock the machine down, which enables us to transfer your software license to another computer for you. This service is normally valued at $100 per year, but we include it free with your purchase.


We are the only diagnostic tool company that offers training like you have never seen before. First, every laptop kit will have around 60 minutes of videos included that goes over the basics. This includes connecting to vehicles, navigating the software, how to use the repair information, and much more.

Secondly, we provide several live training events each week. These can be attended at any time, and at no cost to the customer. They take about our hour each, and we include a question and answer session at the end of the class.

Third, each customer of ours is entitled to one of our classroom experiences. Our company headquarter in Gilbert, SC contains an actual training room designed for technicians. These day long classes are held by our ASE Certified Trainer and consists of both lecture and lab training. Normally these classes are $500 each but are free for our customers.

Mobile & Desktop Apps from Diesel Laptops

All our kits also entitle our clients to access to a variety of desktop, website, and mobile apps that allow our customers greater flexibility in their shop. This includes our Labor Time Guide, iOS and Android mobile apps,, and As a company, we are continuing to create, improve, and push the limits of available repair information to our clients. As we release new products, current customer receives these at no extra charge.

Bid Process Assistance

Quite often when we see a bid from a government entity, it is very lacking in details of what is being requested. To help with this, we have created a bid form that can be used when you are looking for the best possible diagnostic tool. For those that can bypass the bid process with a Sole Source letter, we have that for you as well.

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