Technician Training

Here at Diesel Laptops we are devoted to keeping our customers well equipped with the tools they need to keep todays diesel engines running smoothly.  Now we are taking this another step forward.   This video on electrical basics starts the first in a series of training courses designed specifically for helping diesel technicians diagnose and repair the engines that we offer tools for.  Not only will we be offering training videos and support,  but we will soon be offering in house training for diesel technicians on various problem areas that will hopefully equip your techs with the skills they need to help your business thrive.


We realize that todays diesel engines and equipment are more advanced than they have ever been.  With complex electronic systems and aftertreatment systems,  technician training is imperative to keep trucks and equipment running with minimal downtime.  We will be gearing our training directly towards Diesel Technicians so that we can give you the kind of information and training that directly impacts your business, without all of the fluff and extra uneeded information that comes with generic training.

Electrical Basics: Terminology

In this first video I will be introducing the three most common terms that you will be using while diagnosing electrical problems, voltage, amperage, and resistance.  There are certainly more that you may run into if you are doing more advanced diagnostics but these will be the ones technicians will use on a day to day basis.
  • VOLTAGE-  an electromotive force or pressure
  • AMPERAGE-  the strength or flow of electric current
  • RESISTANCE-  measures how a device or material reduces the electric current flowing through it
We hope you enjoyed this first video in our series for Diesel Tech Training 101. If you are looking for training on TEXA Diagnostic tools, please sign up for our free on-line webinar here.