TEXA Truck v43 Update Notes

TEXA has released version 43 of their truck diagnostic software Dec 10th, 2017. This new version further separates TEXA from competitors in the multi-brand truck diagnostic spectrum. Details of all the upgrades and enhancements are below!

Volvo Trucks

While TEXA has always had great coverage on Volvo Trucks, there is always more to add for both 2017 & 2018 models, plus older equipment. Updates includes:

  • Volvo iShift has been updated to cover the latest models, along with new clutch calibration procedures added.
  • We found some new ECU variants on Volvo’s produced before the year 2000, which are now covered. A couple more 2017 & newer ECU variants have been discovered as well.
  • 2012 & older Volvo’s using the 9-pin and 6-pin plug have even MORE parameters that can be changed. There are now over 300 engine parameters that can be viewed, and over 250 engine parameters that can be changed!

Mack Trucks

The sister company to Volvo, we see very similar updates with them as well, mainly focusing on the brand-new trucks or the older ones.

  • Mack trucks with V-MAC III (mid-2000s & older) have more parameters that can be viewed & changed. There are now over 200 customizable parameters!
  • 2017 & 2018 model year Mack truck ECU variants have been discovered and added to the system, along with adding more parameter changes for 2013 & newer Mack trucks.

Kenworth & Peterbilt Trucks

TEXA continues to build upon the body controllers for Kenworth & Peterbilt Trucks, allowing for bi-directional commands ECU programming.

  • Program Kenworth & Peterbilt Cab Electronic Control Units (ECUs)
  • Perform gauge tests, cluster tests, sound test, telltales test, and preform configuration of various systems such as dashboard lighting, display, drive train, electrical, lighting, option gauge, standard gauge, and more.

Caterpillar Engines

One of the most common complaints was that it “takes too long” on CAT engines. Well, you’ve been heard, and the problem is solved!

  • Improved connection times to CAT engines

Older CAT ECU variants discovered and added to give more functionality


The medium duty market continues to be expanded and improved.

  • While you’ve always been able to connect to them, Kodiak and Silverado (2014 & Newer) now have their own menu options.
  • You can now use the ScanVin function to identify GMC & Chevrolet Trucks based on the VIN #.
  • All other non-engine ECUs are now added such as airbag, HVAC, lighting, and dozens more.


Cummins is the most popular big-bore diesel engine in North America, and TEXA coverage was already the best on the market. Well, it just got even better.

  • More 2000 & older Cummins ECU variaints have been discovered and added to the system.
  • You can now perform “Oil Service Reset” commands for Cummins engines. These typically tie into the truck cab ECUs, but you can reset from the engine.
  • More parameter changes have been added to 2007 & newer engines, and with TEXA Truck you can easily change over 100 engine parameters.

International Engines

CAT entered a joint venture with International several years back to produce CAT Trucks with International Engines (That were rebranded as CAT engines). While most times you can just connect to it as an International engine, this changed around 2014. TEXA has now added this functionality to connect to all CAT Trucks, no matter what year.

  • All MWM engines are now covered, predominantly used outside the USA and in 2014 & newer CAT Trucks.
  • DEF system covered
  • MaxxForce engines now show freeze frame data. This means you can see when a MaxxForce engine code occurred, plus it will give you sensor data of when the error occurred to help your troubleshooting efforts.

Isuzu Engines

The last update we saw the huge addition of the common 6.6L engine, and now we get the added 6.8L diesel engine coverage.

  • The 6.8L engine is used in the “larger” Isuzu F-Series trucks, and is also known as the 6HK1 engine.


Sprinter trucks are manufactured under 3 nameplates – Dodge, Mercedes-Benz, and Freightliner. This update continues to add coverage and functionality, which was already superb.

  • For OM642 (6-cylinder) engines, new activations & parameter changes for SCR module
  • For Sprinter 2500/3500 (906), the phone management ECU was added

For Metric vehicles, the gear engagement & tire pressure monitoring system was added.


All in all, the updates from TEXA are now focused on adding coverage to very old (1999 & older) or brand new trucks. The other coverage updates are on sub-systems or more uncommon engine coverage. The reason for this is simple: TEXA Truck coverage is really, really good and there isn’t much left to keep expanding on. TEXA has also told us they have shifted resources to develop the Off Highway software more, so we expect to see the dramatic changes on that side instead.

You can learn more about TEXA Truck on our website.

This update is free for any TEXA customer within a current support plan. To learn more about our support plans, please visit this page on our blog.