Diesel Defense Asset Protection Program

Beginning today, Diesel Laptops will be offering a new service for asset protection called Diesel Defense. Diesel Defense accesses software that is built directly into the BIOS of all laptops to ensure it is always on and active, constantly protecting your system. Because it works directly with software at the BIOS level, the hard drive could be erased, removed, or replaced and Diesel Defense could still be used to track and remotely control your computer. The service can be used on any laptop, not just the Panasonic Toughbooks sold by Diesel Laptops.

Diesel Defense allows users to…

1. Locate equipment with GPS

The service uses GPS tracking technology to locate your computer anytime, anywhere. If your laptop is ever missing, our new asset protection service can help you find it.

2. Immediately lock down the computer

In the event that your laptop is ever lost or stolen, an administrator can remotely lock the computer, ensuring no unauthorized users will have access.

3. Remotely erase sensitive data

Diesel Defense allows administrators to remotely erase data from the system. Again, this is another feature that would mostly be used in the event of a laptop being lost or stolen. However, this feature could also be ideal for an IT manager who needs to remotely erase sensitive information that an employee may not need to/be authorized to access.

4. Provide usage reports

Diesel Defense can track system usage and generate usage reports. These reports can give IT administrators valuable insight into employee usage habits such as time spent within a specific program. Administrators can also see if any unauthorized programs have been installed on a company system. Any prohibited programs can be remotely deleted or the user could be locked out.

5. Get Geo-fencing alerts

Leveraging geo-fencing technology, Diesel Defense will alert administrative users whenever a laptop has moved outside their preset boundaries. These geo-fences can be set by zip code, state, country or even continent depending on how small or large of a boundary you’d like to set.

Pricing Information and summary

Diesel Defense is available from Diesel Laptops for $100 per year per computer. It is also available as part of the Level Three Premiere Support Plan from Diesel Laptops. You can also contact our Sales Department at 888-983-1975 x2. Discounts are available for volume customers.