Introducing FleetPal

FleetPal provides truck maintenance solutions for truck drivers and owner operators, as well as truck fleets, and vendors. For truck drivers and owner operators, FleetPal serves as a central hub for getting quick, location based repair shop information as well as finding truck friendly hotels, service stations and rest stops. FleetPal’s vast directory of services is searchable by brands (such as Cummins or Volvo) and service category (such as computer diagnostics or DPF cleaning).

Searching with FleetPal

Getting search results is as simple as entering your location, search radius and category, then clicking the search button. It’s that simple. Search results are then provided with a list of available services on the left and a map of locations on the right (pictured below.) Each service listing can be clicked to gain access to more detailed information including hours of operation and user reviews.

FleetPal Mobile App

In addition to the their website, FleetPal also offers both iOS and Android apps, available from both of their respective app stores. The mobile app leverages geofencing technology to send location based push notifications to registered users. These optional notifications alert FleetPal members to exclusive discounts and limited time deals. More information on the apps can be found by clicking the app store buttons below.


FleetPal for Vendors

Vendors that register with FleetPal can grow their business by making it visible in the FleetPal Mobile App and Web Based App. Registered vendors will get access to the thousands of truck drivers and owner operators on the road already using FleetPal. The “Digital Billboard” feature leverages the latest in mobile technology giving vendors the power to promote their business to nearby drivers by sending notifications to their mobile devices.

Vendor sign up is quick and easy. In just a few simple steps, you will be on your way to growing your business.

1. Click “List Your Services”

All you have to do is scroll down to the Vendors section and click the “List Your Services” button. After clicking, you will be taken to the account page.

2. Create a user name

Once you are at the account page you will have a few options to create your account. While an account can be be created using your existing Facebook, Linked In or Google account, you may want to create an account using your company email address. In either case, make sure you select the check box for understanding terms and conditions before clicking the “create account” button.

3. Enter Service Details

On the account details page, you want to make sure you provide as much information as possible about your business. You can give potential customers a better understanding of your business by providing a full list of services, hours of operation, hourly rates, and more.

Make sure to select all categories that apply to your business.

4. Add Hours of Operation

To add hours of operation just click the “on” switch next to each day your business is open. Once clicked, hours can be added in 15 minute increments. As a convenient time saver, the times are auto-populated from the previous day’s entry.

5. Choose your plan

At this point, you will have the option of choosing either a free or paid plan. The benefits of a paid plan include a featured listing, multiple category listings, a custom URL, statistic reporting, access to the digital billboard, and diagnostic code repair information.


Sample of statistics.

6. Add Business Profile Information

The final step in registering your business is adding your profile information. You can simply click on the “upload photo” buttons to add a cover photo and the same can be done for adding a profile photo. Once this is done, your vendor profile is ready for use.



FleetPal is an excellent choice for anyone looking for truck maintenance solutions. Whether you are a driver with a broken down vehicle in need of road side service or a vendor looking to reach new customers, a FleetPal account is a must have. Sign up for free today at