Limited time only. Offer ends October 31, 2017.


Get a life time license for unlimted upgrades of PF-Diagnose for as low as


*restrictions apply. See article for details.
PF-Diagnose is a truly universal diagnostic software program that works with anything running standard protocols such as OBDII, J1708, J1939, J2534, and a ton more. This one program will connect to your commercial truck and read every available ECM such as engine, transmission, cab, chassis, ABS, and whatever else your semi truck has. We have thousands of happy customers across the entire world. Now for a limited time, until October 31, 2017, we are pleased to offer the ability to upgrade your PF-Diagnose license into lifetime version. This means that you are eligible to receive updates for the entire life of the product, along with technical support.

3 Easy Ways to Purchase

Call Us

Give us a call at 888-983-1975 and choose option 5.

Order Online

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Email Us

Contact us via email and we’ll have someone call you.

Eligibility Requirements & Rules

  1. Price is per license.
  2. If you have purchased a renewal within the last 12 months, there is no pro-rating, refunds, or credits given back.
  3. If you purchased a kit, bundle, or individual software from us during this promo you can also purchase this option to get the lifetime updates & support.

After You Purchase

After you complete your purchase, your information will be sent to your technical support team. They will then call you so that they can remote access your machine, install the latest version of PF-Diagnose, and assign your computer with a lifetime license.

PF-Diagnose Explained

If you happened to land on this page from some Google search or random Internet click, we’d like to explain what this software program does. In a nutshell, it is a PC based diagnostic software program that is developed to help repair commercial trucks. It will scan, clear, and read diagnostic codes. It will view live data, and allow you to graph it. You can run reports such as trip, lifetime, and health reports. While this program has always included a lifetime license, customers previously had to pay a fee each year if they wanted updates and support. This promotion eliminates the need to have to spend that money each year. To see this tool in action, check out the video below.