On July 1st, 2017 TEXA has officially released Truck version 42 of their truck diagnostic software. This version adds hundreds of new commands, and expands on the improvement made in version 41. With TEXA Truck already covering all power train diagnostic functions, version 42 is focused on improving body controller ECUs and more medium duty coverage. You can learn more about this tool, along with complete coverage, on our product page.

GMC & Chevrolet Upgraded

TEXA has now added even more commands for the Duramax 6.6L diesel engine. They have also added coverage for the following systems: Suspension, Instrumentation, EBS, Body Computer, Transmission, HVAC, and DuraMax Transmission.

TEXA Truck V42 GMC Chevy 6.6L

UD Nissan DEF Systems

Model Year 2011 & newer UD Nissan Trucks have a DEF system on them, which has its own ECU. TEXA now has full bi-directional commands for the DEF Exhaust gas after-treatment control module.

TEXA_Truck V42 UD Nissan DEF System

Volvo Engine Parameter Changes

The Volvo and Mack coverage is a close to “dealer level” as you can get. TEXA Truck has the ability to change over 300 different parameters across all the ECUs on the vehicle. The maximum vehicle speed setting has always been present with this tool, but the procedure is slightly different now once you run the command.

TEXA Truck V42 Volvo Speed Limit Procedure

2017 PACCAR MX VGT Actuator Replacement

On 2017 model year PACCAR engines that are used in Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks, the command is slightly different then in previous model years. TEXA Truck version 42 fixes this for the 2017 model year and new trucks, and is also the only aftermarket tool we know of that works with this model year.

TEXA Truck V42 Volvo Speed Limit Procedure

Peterbilt & Kenworth Cab Controller Commands

With this release, there are now more Peterbilt & Kenworth Cab Controller bi-directional commands you can do. This includes configuration of the dashboard, display, drive train, electrical, lighting and telltale. You can also adjust the settings of the optional and standard gauges. There is also a variety of tests you can do such as axle temperature, cluster test, sound test, telltales test, and more.

TEXA Truck V42 Peterbilt Cab Commands

2017 Mack SCR Commands

For 2017 & Newer Mack engines, there are new commands for the SCR system. TEXA has added these commands with version 42. This includes the SCR system diagnostic test (with injection), SCR system draining, SCR Catalyst regeneration, and SCR NOx conversion monitoring.

TEXA Truck V42 SCR System

CAT Engines

There were a couple CAT bi-directional commands missing from the systems on a couple of the more rarer model CAT engines. They have all been added now, and mainly revolve around the injection pressure control tests such as “actuation injection pressure test”.

TEXA Truck CAT Engines Commands

Freightliner Cascadia

Customers requested cab controller commands, and TEXA has delivered! Working with all Freightliner Cascadia trucks up to 2017,  the following system now include complete viewing of all parameters, code reading, and bi-directional commands. The following systems are covered: Door Management, Lane Guard, Radar, Trip Adaptive Calculation, HVAC Systems (Front, Rear, & Sleeper), Steering Angle Sensor, and Multi Purpose Camera System.

Freightliner Cascadia Bi-Directional Commands

International Trucks

All International MaxxForce engines up to 2017 are now 100% complete with bi-directional commands. The N13 SCR with 2015 emissions and newer also completely developed, along with the N9 & N10 SCR with 2013 emissions and newer. The N13 and MaxxForce engines are being retired this year, and the A26 engine will be coming out later this year. We are confident TEXA will be the first to the market with coverage!

International Engine Update

Sprinter Trucks

The Sprinter name is used by Dodge, Mercedes-Benz, and Freightliner. A ton of new commands and features have been added to all modules, including the CR41R injection system and the CDI43 ECUs. TEXA now offers the largest range of Sprinter coverage including: 1995-2000 (M111, OM601, OM602), 2000-2006 (OM611, OM612, OM647), 2006-2009 (M272, OM642, OM646), 2009-2012 (OM651), and 2013-Newer (OM651).

TEXA Truck V42 Mercedes Benz Sprinter