Free Online Diesel Engine Training Courses

The Internet is a great, wide vast resource of information and we are constantly looking for resources to pass on to our employees and clients. This post serves as a library of all know commercial truck and diesel engine training that we know of. We understand that a lot of customers past the dealership level, such as smaller fleets and independent truck repair facilities are often overlooked when it comes to training. If you have any other resources you feel should be added to this list, please comment below so we can add you to the list. The requirements are that it is both free and contains worthwhile information. We are also NOT including propriety training for vendor software, website usage videos, software usage videos, or sales related information. This is purely for technician usage.

International Truck & Engine Training Resources

Navistar, the parent company of International Truck & Engine, offers a wide variety of training for anyone that is interested in taking it. This includes both free and paid training, but for this post we will stick with the free information. As of April 2017, the list includes:

  • Navistar Safety – Principles of Shop Safety
  • Automatic Slack Adjuster Component Identification – Component identification for Meritor Automatic Slack Adjusters
  • Automatic Slack Adjuster Preventive Maintenance – Preventative maintenance for Meritor Automatic Slack Adjusters
  • Automatic Slack Adjuster Diagnostics – Diagnostic procedure for for Meritor Automatic Slack Adjusters
  • Fuel Savings for Managers & Drivers (Spanish Only) – How to optimize you fleet for fuel efficiency
  • Diamond Logic Builder Level 2 (Spanish & English) – Required for DLB Level 2 Access
  • Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning – Detailed instructions on how to clean a DPF Filter
  • Foundation Brake – Cam Brake Diagnostics
  • Foundation Brake – Preventative Maintenance
  • Foundation Brake – System Operation
  • Q Plus, LX500, and MX500 Cam Brakes – Component differences for the Meritor Brakes

How to Access

  1. Create a free account on the Navistar Eduation Website
  2. Navigate to Service Training -> All Service Courses – Retail

Simply click on “select” to each class you want to view, then go back to “My Current Enrollments” and you will be able to view the class.

Meritor – The Bullpen Training

Meritor has done a great job of making an exclusive website that contains technical information, sales data sheets, and free online training for all of their products. This is one of the better sites we have seen, and training information is covered very well. Meritor also offers in-class training, but the free online ones are listed here:

  • 14X Forward Carrier Inter-axle Differential – Disassemble and Assemble
  • 14X Axle – Overview
  • Tires – Abnormal Tire Wear Diagnostics
  • ABS for Trucks Tractors and Buses – System Operation
  • ABS for Trucks Tractors and Buses – Component Identification
  • ABS for Trucks Tractors and Buses – Preventive Maintenance
  • ABS for Trucks Tractors and Buses Pneumatic – ABS Fault Code Diagnostic
  • ABS for Trucks Tractors and Buses Pneumatic – ABS Indicator Lamp Faults
  • ABS for Trucks Tractors and Buses Pneumatic – ABS Modulator Valve Faults
  • ABS for Trucks Tractors and Buses Pneumatic – ABS Sensor Fault Diagnostic
  • Air System – Product Basics
  • Automatic Slack Adjuster – Diagnostic
  • Automatic Slack Adjuster – Preventative Maintenance
  • Automatic Slack Adjuster – Removal Installation and Setup
  • Automatic Slack Adjuster – Installed Angle Check Just In Time
  • Brake Fluid Basics
  • Cam Brake and Automatic Slack Adjuster – Preventative Maintenance
  • Cam Brake and Automatic Slack Adjuster – System Operation
  • Cam Brake – Component Identification
  • Cam Brake – Diagnostics
  • Cam Brake – Disassemble and Assemble
  • Cam Brake – Applied Stroke Check Just In Time
  • Cam Brake – Free Stroke Check Just In Time
  • Clamp Load on Wheels and Suspension
  • Conventional Wheel-End Adjustment
  • CVA Clutch General Knowledge – System Operation
  • Digital Multimeter (DMM) Fundamentals
  • Driveline – Component Identification
  • Driveline – Diagnostics
  • Driveline – Preventive Maintenance
  • Driveline – System Operation
  • Drivetrain – Noise Diagnostics
  • Drivetrain – Vibration Diagnostics
  • Electrical – Circuits Diagnostics
  • Electrical – Fundamentals
  • Electrical – System Repair
  • Enhanced Easy Stop Trailer ABS with PLC and RSS
  • EX+ Air Disc Brake – Preventive Maintenance
  • EX+ Air Disc Brake – Repair
  • EX+ Air Disc Brake – System Operation
  • EX225 Air Disc Brake – Component Identification
  • Friction Basics
  • Front Non Drive Steer Axle – Diagnostic
  • Front Non-Drive Steer Axle – Component Identification
  • Front Non-Drive Steer Axle – System Operation
  • Front Non-Drive Steer Axle – King Pin Bushing Replacement
  • Front Non-Drive Steer Axle – Preventive Maintenance
  • General Knowledge Clutch Components
  • Hydraulic Booster – Types and Differences
  • Hydraulic Brake – Disc Pad Identification
  • Hydraulic Brake – Identification
  • Hydraulic Brake – Master Cylinder
  • Hydraulic Brake – Rotor Identification
  • Hydraulic Brake – System Maintenance
  • Hydraulic Brake – Valves Identification
  • Hydraulic Power Brake – Component Identification
  • Hydraulic Power Brake – Fault Code Diagnostics
  • Hydraulic Power Brake – Indicator Lamp Faults
  • Hydraulic Power Brake – System Operation
  • Hydraulic Power Brake – System SAHR Canister Faults
  • Hydraulic Power Brake – System Sensor Faults
  • Investigative Approach to Diagnostics
  • Just in Time Clutch – Adjustment
  • Just in Time Clutch – Inspection
  • Just in Time Clutch – Installation
  • Low Lubricant Level and Lubricant Leaks for Manual Transmission Diagnostics
  • Manual Transmission – Component Identification
  • Manual Transmission – Grinds When Range Shifting Or Jumps Out Of Gear Diagnostics
  • Manual Transmission – Hard to Shift, Stuck in Gear and Will Not Go into Gear Diagnostics
  • Manual Transmission – High Lubricant Temperature Diagnostics
  • Manual Transmission – No Range Shift
  • Manual Transmission – Shift Lever Jump Out Diagnostics
  • Manual Transmission – Preventative Maintenance
  • Manual Transmission – System Operation
  • Meritor  – Doctor Preload Wheel Bearing Adjustment
  • Meritor – Driveline Products Overview
  • Meritor – Drivetrain Damage Prevention
  • Meritor – Engine Downspeeding Course
  • Meritor – Friction Materials Training
  • Meritor – Friction Qualification and Application Brake
  • Meritor – Reduced Stopping Distance Brake
  • Meritor Tire Inflation System including Meritor ThermALERT – System Operation
  • MS 113 Reduction Rear Drive Axle – Disassembly and Assembly
  • MS 113 Reduction Rear Drive Axle – Carrier Adjustment
  • MTIS ThermAlert – Component Identification
  • MTIS ThermAlert – Overview
  • Multiple Lip Seal replacement for Rear Drive Axles
  • OnGuard Collision Safety Systems – Operation
  • OnGuard Collision Safety Systems – Overview
  • OnGuard Driver Training – 2014 and Newer Models
  • OnGuard Collision Safety System – Diagnostic and Alignment (Pre 2014)
  • Parts Failure Analysis Basics
  • PreSet by Meritor Trailer Axle Wheel End System – Component Identification
  • Q Series and Q+ Brakes – Component Identification
  • Q+, LX500, and MX500 Cam Brake – Component Differences and Preventive Maintenance
  • Rear Drive Axle – High Lubricant Temperature Diagnostics
  • RHP and MPA Series Sliding Tandem Trailer Air Suspension – Axle Alignment
  • RHP and MPA Series Sliding Tandem Trailer Air Suspension – Preventive Maintenance
  • RideStar RHP-55 Series Single-Axle Trailer Air Suspension Systems Frame Bracket Side Plate – Repair Procedure
  • Single Drive Axle Will Not Move Diagnostic
  • Single Reduction Rear Drive Axle – DCDL System Malfunction
  • Single Reduction Rear Drive Axle – IAD Will Not Engage or Disengage
  • Single Reduction Rear Drive Axle – Low Lubricant and Lubricant Leaks
  • Single Reduction Rear Drive Axle – Preventative Maintenance
  • Single Reduction Rear Drive Axle – System Operation
  • Single Reduction Rear Drive Axle – Tire Wear Diagnostic
  • Single Reduction Rear Drive Tandem Axle – Will Not Move Diagnostic
  • Single Reduction Tandem Rear Drive Axle – Component Identification
  • Slider Operation and Positioning
  • Suspension – Maintenance
  • Suspension – Systems Identification
  • System Saver Series Air Dryers – Preventive Maintenance
  • System Saver Single Air Dryer – Air Compressor Builds Air Continuously Or Air Dryer Will Not Purge
  • System Saver Single Air Dryer – Excessive or Short Purging Diagnostic
  • System Saver Single Air Dryer – Passing Oil Water Diagnostics
  • System Saver Single Air Dryer – Purge Valve Leaks Air Diagnostic
  • System Saver Single and Twin Air Dryer – Component Identification
  • System Saver Single and Twin Air Dryer – System Operation
  • Traction
  • Trailer Anti-Lock Braking System and Roll Stability Support – Component Identification
  • Trailer Axle – Component Identification
  • Trailer Axle – Preventive Maintenance
  • Trailer Wheel end Conversion Semi Fluid to Oil Bath
  • TRIAD Trailer Wheel End – System ID
  • TRIAD Trailer Wheel End – System Component Identification
  • Unitized Wheel-Ends (UWE) Component Identification
  • Vehicle Electrical System Diagnostic Fundamentals
  • WABCO Enhanced Easy-StopTrailer Anti-Lock Braking System with Power Line Communication and Optional Roll Stability Support
  • WABCO Hydraulic Power Brake System – HCU Replacement
  • WABCO Hydraulic Power Brake System – Power Brake HCU Faults
  • WABCO Hydraulic Power Brake System – Preventative Maintenance

How to Access

  1. Create a free account on the Meritor Bullpen
  2. Click on “Online Training” on the right

Simply click on “launch” to each class you want to go through, all of which are free!

MEI Corporation – TechAir CONNECT

MEI is a manufacturer and distributor of aftermarket heating and air conditioning parts. The good folks at MEI have compiled an online training and resource website. You can watch videos, take quizzes, and print a certificate off at the end. There is over one hour of training videos for heavy duty HVAC system components. This is a very well done website, and would be good for both old or new technicians.

How to Access

  1. Head over to the TechAir CONNECT website
  2. Use password “connect” to access

Simply click on “launch” to each class you want to go through, all of which are free!

Bendix – Training

Bendix has also done a great job of offering free training classes, along with informational, technical, and sales information on all of their products. For free training, they currently offer in-deoth training on all of the following components.

  • Air Disc Brakes
  • Air Dryers
  • Air Compressors
  • Electronic Safety Systems
  • Foundation Brake Drums
  • Highway Safety
  • Reduced Stopping Distance
  • Slack Adjusters
  • Trailer Products
  • Valves
  • Air Brake Training

Training classes are very in-depth, and the above mentioned sections are just the “main” sections. Under each section there are individual videos. The “Air Disc Brakes” section for example, has around 90 minutes of total training videos.

How to Access

  1. Create a free account on the Bendix Brake-School website.
  2. Click on “Product Training”

Simply click through to the course would like to watch, and then you will see a “launch” button to click on to start the class.

Timken Tech Series

Timken is a manufacturer of bearings, lubricants, carrier bearings, hub caps, and wheel seals used on commercial trucks. They have developed a free training website that gives you in-depth training on all of those components. You can watch them in order, or skip around to what you need. Classes include:

  • Tapered Roller Bearings
    • Bearing Basics
    • Features & Benefits
    • Wheel End Systems
    • Servicing Wheel Ends
    • Bearing Damage Analysis
    • Tapered Roller Bearing FAQ
    • References & Resources
    • Videos
    • Tapered Rolling Bearing Glossary
    • Testing
  • Lubricants
    • Lubricant Basics
    • Lubricant Issues
    • Packing a Bearing
    • FAQs
    • Timken Greases
    • Resources
    • Lubricant Glossary
    • Testing
  • Center Support Bearings
    • Bearing Basics
    • Driveline Basics
    • Selecting
    • Troubleshooting
    • FAQs
    • Resources
    • Testing
  • Seals and Hub Caps
    • Seal and Hub Cap Basics
    • Features & Benefits
    • Troubleshooting
    • Installation
    • FAQs
    • References and Resources
    • Seal Glossary
    • Testing

Training classes are very well done, with both graphics and text to help you. There are also individual PFDs you can download during the self paced training which you can store for future reference.

How to Access

  1. Create a free account on the Timken Tech Series Training Website.
  2. Once logged in, just click on “Commercial Vehicle Training”
  3. Click the “Start” button or “Directions” if you want some navigation help

Simply click through to the course would like to watch, and the end of each course there is a self-test to see how well you retained the information.

Volvo Trucks Training for Techs

While this site is not a true “training” website, it does have a very nice library of videos that cover a wide range of repair and technical information. This list includes:

  • How to assemble the Range Housing
  • How to disassemble the Range Housing
  • How to remove the High Range Synchronizer
  • How to install the Geotab Harness
  • Volvo Exhaust Aftertreatment
  • How to check Flywheel Housing Runout
  • How to adjust a 13 Liter Shim-less Overhead
  • How to replace an 11 Liter Oil Pump
  • How to check Cylinder Head Oil Pressure
  • How to replace the Control & Range Housings
  • How to replace the Range Housing Synchronizer
  • How to replace a Rear Main Seal
  • How to replace a Front Main Seal
  • How to test the Charging System
  • How to test the Starting System
  • How to check for air in the Fuel System
  • How to replace a Conical Injector Sleeve
  • Battery Charge Testing
  • How to adjust Valve and Unit Injectors on a 16L
  • How to adjust Valve and Unit Injectors on a 13L
  • How to adjust Valve and Unit Injectors on a 11L
  • How to install a Camshaft Timing Gear
  • How to adjust a Timing Gear Plate

How to Access

  1. There is no account needed. Just head to the Volvo Training Support Website.

Michelin Truck Tires Videos

Michelin has a large collection of training and informational videos, so we’ve gone through and given you all the relevant ones for commercial truck tires.

How to Access

  1. You can click the links above or head to the Michelin Truck Video website to view them as well.

Truck-Lite Training Institute

Truck-Lite is the largest manufacturer of lighting for commercial trucks, and offers a free “Master Lighting & Harness Technician” course online. This course covers the following areas:

  • Basics in Electricity
  • Lighting Evolution
  • Lighting Fundamentals
  • LED Lighting Performance
  • Harness Fundamentals
  • Regulations & Questions

How to Access

  1. Head over to the Truck-Lite Training Institute and sign up for free.

They will ask for your shirt size when you sign up, so we are going to assume they will send you a free t-shirt once you’ve completed the training.

ConMet Hub Training 2.0

This is one of the better training websites we found. Each section has voice over that is available in both English and Spanish. After each module you take a short test, and once all are completed you are presented with a nice ConMet Training Certificate. Courses include:

  • Introduction
  • Identification
  • Inspection
  • Recommended Services
  • Reassenbly
  • Reinstallation
  • Lubrication
  • Brake Drum and Wheel Installation

How to Access

  1. Head over to the ConMet Hub Training 2.0 website and sign up for free instant access.

Make sure to go through all the quizzes after each section that so that you receive your certificate.

Grote Know-How

This really isn’t much of a training site, but some direct PDF downloads. They only have 2 PDFs, but they are very good and in-depth. They are also structured in a way that it could be setup for an instructor to lead a class.

How to Access

  1. Head over to the Grote Know How page to grab the PDFs or click the links above to download.

John Deere University

John Deere has a great portal setup for training on all John Deere equipment. While there are a lot of operator training videos, there are also some very good technical knowledge segments as well. This includes:

  • Basic Drivetrain Components
  • Diesel Engine Systems I
  • Electrical Systems I
  • Hydraulic Systems I
  • Maintenance Manager 1 – Overview
  • Maintenance Manager 2 – Creating a PM Plan
  • Maintenance Manager 3 – Monitoring the PM Plan
  • Maintenance Manager 4 – Adjusting Maintenance Intervals
  • Tires Overview
  • Undercarriage Wear & Management

How to Access

  1. Head over to the John Deere University website.
  2. Sign up for a free account, you will have to verify with your email address.
  3. When you first login, it will ask for a Dealer Code. We used “123456” and it let us right in.

Haldex Test Your Knowledge

While this isn’t setup as a training website, it does have a nice collection of videos, PDFs, and quizzes you can take to test your knowledge. Upon completing the quizzes successfully you will receive a certificate you can print out that proves you know your Haldex information. Subject areas included are:

  • Stopping the Big Rigs
  • S-Cam Brake Maintenance & Troubleshooting
  • Trailers – The Forgotten Ones

Haldex also has video series that covers all of their components, such as:

  • ABS
  • Actuators
  • Air
  • Air Disc
  • Brake Adjusters
  • Clutch
  • Electrical
  • Foundation
  • Regulations
  • Suspension
  • TRS & BMS

How to Access

  1. Head over to the Haldex Test Your Knowledge website

There is no registration needed.

Baldwin Filter Online Training

Baldwin Filters offers a huge range of training classes, including some free one that are online. They have 5 modules, and each module examines the history of filtration, the system and how it works, filter types, problems & preventive maintenance, installation techniques and a summary. The modules are:

  • Lube
  • Air
  • Fuel
  • Coolant
  • Hydraulic

How to Access

  1. Head over to the Baldwin Online Training website

There is no registration needed.

Phillip Industries Video Library

Phillips Industries manufactures a wide assortment of electrical and air products used on commercial trucks. They have a nice video library (None of with is on YouTube) that covers all of their products, plus the “Qwik Tips” section that gives technical information in a newsletter format. Coverage includes:

  • Air Hose Assemblies
  • Air Hose Connectors
  • Cable & Wire
  • Cable/Wire Support & Accessories
  • Electrical Assemblies
  • Electrical Connectors
  • Electrical Harness Systems
  • Trailer Power Management Systems

How to Access

  1. Head over to the Phillips Industries website

There is no registration needed, and also make sure to click on the “Tech Tips” section of the website for a library of newsletters containing good information.

Accuride and Gunite Video Library

Accuride, the manufacturer of wheels, also owns Gunite. Gunite is a manufacturer of brake drums, slack adjusters, and related brake hardware. While they do not have a training center, they do have several videos that go in-depth on their products that are relevant to watch.

How to Access

  1. You can click the links directly above or head to the Accuride YouTube Page.

You can also visit the Accuride Resource Center to find additional PDFs and documentation.

Exide AGM Battery Training

The video series goes through the Exide AGM Battery, and explains how they are made, why they are superior to conventional batteries, and how to properly maintain them. There is a quiz after each short section that you complete to move to the next section.

How to Access

  1. Registration is free at the Excide e-Training website.

You do have to provide your information to sign up, and we also had problems getting the site to work in FireFox. It worked fine for us with Internet Explorer.

Dayco Belts and Tensioners

Again, not a training site but a nice collection of install and maintenance videos for Dayco belts and tensioners. Dayco has a 90% market share in the commercial truck market, so you are sure to run across these.

How to Access

  1. Click the links above or visit the Dayco YouTube page. It does have a lot of automotive training videos as well. The Dayco Training page has good information as well.

Horton Fan Drive

A market leader in the fan drive segment, Horton has a detailed training guide for everything you could ever need to know about the Horton DM Advantage. This course is designed to train heavy-duty diesel technicians how to perform preventive and corrective maintenance on Horton heavy-duty DM Advantage Fan Drives.

How to Access

  1. No registration needed. Just head to the Horton DM Advantage Training Module.

Leece Neville Starter and Alternator Training Manual

This is essentially a 24-page PDF that gives you in-depth knowledge and specifications on how to troubleshoot and repair Leece Neville (Owned by Prestolite) alternator or starter.

Prestolite Leece Neville Training Manual (360 downloads)

How to Access

  1. Simply click the link above, or head over to the Presolite Training Library.

WIX Filtration eLearning Center

This training class is offering in both English and Spanish. For attendees that pass with at least a score of 70%, they will earn the title of Certified Filtration Expert. These classes are no joke, and are offered in 3 levels – Tech, Master, and Expert. The courses cover both light and heavy duty filters. You easily expect to spend up to 3 days going through all the courses, and all of them are very well done. For those that go through it, it is well worth the time and you’ll find out how much you didn’t know about filters.

How to Access

  1. Send an email to requesting to register.
  2. Login at

Delco Remy Heavy Duty Training

Delco Remy, a manufacturer of alternators and starters, has created an online training class. The course includes electrical system review, troubleshooting process, solving charging system problems, and also solving starting system problems. The course will take around 2 hours to complete. The course does a great job explaining everything in a simple format.

How to Access

  1. Head to the Delco Remy Training Site and Register for free

Websites & Forums

Sometimes the components manufacturers and truck manufacturers don’t provide what is needed, but there are other sources of information to help answer your question. This section gives some great Internet sources to use.

Not Free Training Resources

Of course not everyone offers knowledge for free, so here is a list of companies that offer paid training, both online and in-person.

  • Cummins Training – In class, instructor led classes throughout the country
  • Eaton Road Ranger Academy – Both computer based training and instructor led training
  • Navistar Education – While they are listed above with some free classes, they also offer paid training classes covering their entire line of MaxxForce and N-Series engines, including the MaxxForce 5, 7, 9, DT, 11, 13, and 15.