In April of 2017, TEXA has released version 41 of their truck diagnostic software. As the premiere truck diagnostic software on the market, version 41 builds upon the already best commercial truck diagnostic software on the market today. With virtually complete drive train coverage complete, TEXA has now shifted focus to finishing up the Ford and Dodge diesel coverage, and is now working on the cab and chassis module coverage. TEXA Truck version 41 now gives us bi-directional commands on Freightliner and PACCAR, with International commands due in version 42. The list below is not a complete list of updates, but only the major ones. Many fixes, adjustments, and advanced have been made besides what is listed below.

Enhanced Freightliner SAM Cab and Chassis Coverage

Previous to version 41, TEXA Truck would only read the “generic” sensors on Freightliner Trucks with mutliplex wiring and no bi-directional commands. This new version allows your to now read ALL of the sensors and switches (Over 800 of them!), including bi-directional commands to test components on both the cab and chassis systems. This includes the ability to test the Bulkhead Module, Chassis Module, A/C system components, exterior & interior lights, wiper/washer system, and more. You can run commands to control the horn, reverse lights/alarm, marker lights, and much more.

TEXA Truck v41 Freightliner Cab
TEXA Truck v41 Freightliner Cab Activations

Bendix ABS Coverage Increased

Prior to version 41, Bendix was previously a “read only” function. You are now able to run bi-directional commands such as calibrating the tire size of both steer & drive axles, performing the Bendix self-configuration command, resetting the ABS controller, and other various Bendix commands typically only found in the Bendix software.

TEXA Truck v41 Bendix ABS Commands

WABCO Hydraulic Powered Brakes (HPB) Coverage

More variations of the WABCO HPB system have been discovered, and added to the TEXA diagnostic platform. This includes bi-directional commands of pressure control sensors. WABCO HPB systems are typically found on medium duty trucks including International, Freightliner, Ford, Chevy, Dodge, and many more. Commands include solenoid valve activations, trailer brake valve test, pressure sensor commands, and many more.


PACCAR Cab Controller Coverage Expanded

Peterbilt and Kenworth Trucks are manufactured by PACCAR, and all of their cabs are now controlled by computers. TEXA now has increased coverage for these trucks, which includes the ability to read detailed configuration on electrical system, lighting system, gauge operation, perform dash cluster tests, sounds tests, and individual gauge tests and commands.

TEXA Truck v41 PACCAR Gateway

GMC & Chevrolet Duramax 6.6L & Allison Coverage Added

Long overdue, we now have coverage on this engine. The Duramax 6.6L is covered from 2002 to 2008 for Sierra and Silverado models. The Allison Transmissions found in GMC and Chevrolet Sierra and Silverado models also was a bit unique, which is now fixed in the TEXA software version 41. Your favorite commands such as DPF Regen, DPF reset, PTO settings, turbocharger learning, engine oil life reset, cylinder power balance, and tons more are now available at your fingertips.

TEXA Truck v41 GMC Sierra

Ford Coverage Expanded

TEXA added Ford coverage in version 39, and now adds several sub-systems in version 41. Already with complete engine coverage, the Ford F-Series with the 6.4L engine now has access to the smart junction box system. The 6.0L and 7.3L systems now includes coverage for the overhead trip computer module system and the generic electronic module system.

TEXA Truck v41 Ford

Dodge Coverage Expanded

Dodge was added in version 40 of TEXA Truck, and is now expanded on in version 41. This version now adds the 4th Generation injection system on Dodge RAM vehicles with Cummins from 2013 to 2017.

TEXA Truck v41 Dodge 4th Gen

More Wiring Diagrams

TEXA continues to add more wiring diagrams to the system. The following are new additional wiring diagrams:

  • Ford 6.7L Trucks – Engine, ABS, airbag, automatic transmission, A/C systems
  • Ford 7.3L Trucks – Engine
  • Ford 6.0L Trucks – Engine
  • Ford 6.4L Trucks – Engine
  • International Trucks – VT275 Engine
  • Sprinter 906 (Model Year 2013) – SCR, SAM Signal Acquisition Module, A/C, and Injection System
TEXA Truck v41 Wiring Diagrams

More Dashboards

The visual display dashboards are a popular feature in TEXA, and more of them have been added. This includes:

  • Freightliner – Vehicles exterior lighting
  • Kenworth – Cabin Module System
  • Peterbilt – Cabin Module System
  • Eaton Transmissions
  • HINO – Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR)
  • GMC – V8 6.6L Engine
  • Isuzu – EU6 Vehicle
  • Dodge RAM – 6.7L Cummins Engine
  • Ford F-Series – ABS Systems
TEXA Truck v41 Dashboards

Default Filters

When you connect to a vehicle, the list of available parameters can be daunting as some vehicles have hundreds available. This is where is displays all known sensors, positions of switches, and more. Previously, you were left to your own decision on which parameter to watch. However, TEXA has now created some default views based on your issue or symptom you are trying to fix. This includes:

  • Aftertreatment
  • Aftertreatment Particulate
  • Aftertreatment Regeneration
  • Aftertreatment Reagent
  • Injection
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR)
  • Engine Brake
  • Engine Protection
  • Engine Start Procedure
  • All Lamps
  • Consumption
  • All Sensors
  • All Switches
  • White Engine Smoke
  • All Voltages
  • All Pressures

Of course, you can make your own custom filters at any point as well. These filters are then saved across any engine you connect with.

TEXA Truck v41 New Parameter Filters


The above list is not a complete sample of what TEXA Truck version 41 has in it, but it does cover the major areas. You can learn more about the tool on our website, using the comment section below, or by calling us at 888-983-1975. We also have created a video that walks you through all of these updates.