Isuzu IDSS Software and Diagnostic Kits Now Available is excited to announce the addition of the Isuzu IDSS diesel diagnostic software. IDSS is short for Isuzu Diagnostic Service System. This is the same software used at Isuzu dealerships today and is compatible with all Isuzu Trucks from 1996 to current. With this software, you can perform any of the diagnostic commands that dealership can, along with having the troubleshooting and wiring diagrams at your fingertips.

Features and Benefits

  • Covers All Model Years From 1996 to Current
  • Complete Vehicle Coverage
    • N-Series
    • Stripped Chassis
    • W-Series
    • F-Series
    • T-Series
    • C-Series
    • H-Series
  • Complete Engine Coverage
  • Covers All Other Vehicle ECUs
    • Transmission
    • ABS
    • FMS Controller
    • Diesel Exhaust Fluid Control Module
    • Mimarmori ECU
    • Powertrain Interface Module (PIM)
  • Includes wiring schematics and troubleshooting guides
  • Performs forced regens, perform re-learn commands, change parameters, injector programming, and much more
  • Software includes lifetime license with 6 months of updates and support

Purchasing Options

The Isuzu IDSS software and diagnostic hardware can be purchased in a variety of ways.

Isuzu IDSS Software

Isuzu IDSS Software Only

If you are interested in the software only, it is available to purchase on our website. The software comes with a lifetime license, but you only will receive updates and support for 6 month. While the software won’t quit working after that period, it will still function but you lose the updates and support. This is the same software that is used at the dealerships, so you can perform all the same commands – DPF regens, injector programming, re-learn commands, fault code reading and troubleshooting, and much more.

Isuzu IDSS Adapter

Isuzu IDSS Adapter Only

For customers that do not need a laptop or a communication adapter, the Isuzu IDSS software is available to purchase stand-alone. Please note that Isuzu IDSS software will only work with two adapters – The Nexiq USB Link 2 or the Isuzu IDSS Adapter. Officially, Isuzu will only support their own adapter. What this means is that the Nexiq USB Link 2 will work, but if you have connection issues or software problems, Isuzu may tell you that they don’t support Nexiq device and leave you with no recourse but to purchase an IDSS adapter.

Isuzu IDSS Complete Kit

Isuzu IDSS Truck Diagnostic Laptop Kit

For the customer wanting a complete kit that has been installed, updated, configured, and tested before shipping, this is what you’ve been waiting for. This kit will come complete with everything you need from Isuzu, and will be ready to be used right out of the box. It comes with the Isuzu lifetime license and 6-months of updates and support from Isuzu.

Screen Shots

We have taken a couple screen shots from the latest version of the Isuzu IDSS II software to show the functionality level.

Isuzu IDSS Main Menu


The important thing to note is that the Isuzu IDSS software is not the only option on the market when it comes to Isuzu Truck diagnostics. We sell less expensive tools, such as PF-Diagnose, that can read/clear codes, view live data, and even do a forced regen. We also sell a tool from CanDo that does all the “dealer level” commands on not only Isuzu, but Hino, Cummins, and others. Also, our best selling tool (and most functionality) for on-highway truck diagnostics is our TEXA Diesel Diagnostic tool.

We also encourage you to contact our sales and customer support team, toll-free at 888.983.1975, to hear about other truck diagnostic tool options, such as kits that cover all makes and models (including Isuzu).