TEXA Off Highway Diagnostic Software v15 Released

In January of 2017, TEXA has released the latest version of their off highway diagnostic software. Proudly sold by Diesel Laptops, this is the worlds best diesel diagnostic tool for off highway equipment. It has diagnostic coverage for all the major construction and agriculture equipment manufacturers such as Caterpillar, John Deere, Case New Holland (CNH), JCB, Kubota, Bobcat, Terex, Volvo, Liebherr, Grove, and many more. It also covers engines used in industrial equipment and generators such as Cummins, Detroit, Hino, Isuzu, FPT, Volvo Penta, Mercedes-Benz, Deutz, and many others. You can find the entire list of equipment, along with video demonstrations, on our product page found on DieselLaptops.com.

TEXA Off Highway Diagnostic

New Features of TEXA Off Highway Version 15

While this new version contains many, many improvements, this partial list gives you an idea of what is new in version 15.

CLAAS Farming Equipment and Tractors

The newer model Jaguar 900 series forage harvesters use MAN V12 engines, and is now covered by this diagnostic tool. This equipment does have two ECMs on it, which are a Master and Slave. In both cases, there is no special cable needed as this series of farming equipment uses the standard OBDII cable included in the kit.

CLAAS Jaguar Diagnostics

DEICI Telescopic Forklifts

Headquartered in Italy, but with distribution and sales channels in the USA and Canada, DEICI manufacturers telescopic forklifts, small dumpers, and concrete mixers. The diagnostics for the Agri Max Series, Agri Plus, and Agri Tech are now covered. This equipment lines runs the FPT engines, and our diesel diagnostic tool has coverage up to Tier 4 engines. This equipment uses the standard 9-pin connector that is included in our kits.

DIECI Computer Diagnostics

JCB Tractors and Telehandlers

For the Fastrac series tractors, engine diagnostics have always been covered (JCB typically uses SISU Tier 4 or Cummins Tier 2 & Tier 3). However, expanded diagnostics for ABS, Transmission, and Cab Controller (Gateway) has now been added. For the JCB 500 Series Telehandler, the Tier 4 engine diagnostics has been added as well. This includes bi-directional commands such as injector coding, cylinder cut-out tests, EGR valve learning commands, and many more.

TEXA JCB Fastrac Diagnostics

Krone BiG X Series Forage Harvester

The newer BiG X series use the MAN V12 engine, which has been developed and added to TEXA. This includes fault code reading, live data, and bi-directional commands such as compression test, cylinder shut-off tests, injector volume commands, rail high pressure test, and more.

John Deere Transmission Diagnostic Options

Bobcat Skid Steer and Excavator

Enhancements have been done to the E-Series Excavator and the S-Series Skid Steer loaders. The TEXA off highway diagnostic system have always had coverage for both the Kubota and Bobcat engines, you can now perform “Vehicle Total Diagnosis”. This command will examine the entire Bobcat system and give you a quick look at inactive and active fault codes, along with looking at over 4,400 parameters.

Bobcat Computer Diagnostics

Doosan Loader, Dumper, and Excavator

Doosan equipment has now been added to the TEXA off highway diagnostic kit. Coverage now includes:

  • DA-Series Dumpers – This equipment uses Scania Tier 3, 4, and 4F engines. Coverage includes live data, read/clear fault codes, and 30+ bi-directional commands such as DPF regen, VGT calibrations, cylinder cut-out test, SCR commands, and many more.
  • DX-Series Excavators – Besides the Scania engines as mentioned above, this series of Doosan equipment could also have a Cummins engine it, which is covered by TEXA as well. There are over 70 commands and activation’s available for Cummins engines to give you complete diagnostic coverage.
  • DL-Series Loaders – The Doosan DL-Series loaders use Scania engines, which is the same as the DA-Series dumper and covered very well. The DL-Series is also covered on the transmission end, as they use the ZF Ergo Power EST37 transmission. This system will read all fault codes and live data, and perform 16 commands and activation’s on this transmission model.
TEXA Doosan Scania Coverage

JCB Loader, Telehandler, Backhoe, and Compactor

JCB has always been well represented in the TEXA off highway diagnostic system, but this has now been expanded upon. The newer Tier 4 JCB engines uses a Delphi ECM controller, which has been added. Customers are now able to perform cylinder cut-out tests, EGR valve tests, program new injectors, perform re-learn commands, and much more. This engine is found in the Series 400 Loaders, Series 500 Telehandlers, Series TM Loaders, Series CX Backhoes, and VM Series Compactors.

JCB Tier 4 Diagnostics

Leibherr Excavator

Liebherr has been expanded by adding the coverage for the Tier 4 and Tier 3B Duetz engine. Duetz engines have been well represented in the TEXA system, allowing you to run commands such as cylinder cut-out tests, compression tests, injector coding, and many more.

Liebherr Engine Diagnostics

Link Belt Cranes

Link Belt Cranes use Isuzu engines, and TEXA has always performed very well on the Isuzu industrial engines. Due to popularity and customer request, Link Belt is now listed in the system under Construction Equipment. From there, you can access X2 Series equipment (Which uses Tier 3) along with the X3 and X4 Series equipment, which uses Tier 4 Isuzu engines. Both the 4-cylinder and the 6-cylinder options are present. Diagnostics includes popular commands such as cylinder cut-off test, injector programming, DPF regen, and many more.

TEXA Link Belt Isuzu Diagnostic Coverage

Sandvik Mining Equipment

Sandvik is based in Sweden, but does business across the globe. If there is a piece of equipment that is used in a mining operation, it is made by Sandvik. TEXA has now added this line to its growing off highway diagnostic tool, and had started by adding the Dumpers and Laoders to the system. This equipment is powered with Volvo Penta (Tier 4) engines and Allison transmissions. On the Volvo Penta Tier 4 coverage, it is very robust with over 900 parameters read, 6700+ fault codes defined, and 70+ bi-directional commands such as DPF regens, SCR catalyst regen, cylinder balance test, cylinder compression test, and many more. The Allison Transmission side is also well covered with all possible bi-directional commands included.

Sandvik Diesel Diagnostic Tool

Takeuchi Skid Steer

Takeuchi is a Japenese based company that also sells around the globe. The T-Series skid-steer loaders all use Kubota diesel engines, and is represented in our diagnostic tool. This includes the ability to cut-out injectors, glow relay activation checks, DPF regens, DPF soot load resets, and a ton more.

Takeuchi Kubota Diesel Diagnostics

Tigercat Forestry Equipment

By request from a customer, Tigercat has now been added to the TEXA diagnostic system. The LH-Series, LX-Series, and TC-Series all run FPT engines, which has been covered by TEXA for quite a while. Besides reading/clearing codes and viewing live data, this off highway diagnostic system can also perform DPF regens, reset the DPF filter, perform re-learn commands for sensors, cut injectors off, and much more.

Tigercat Diagnostic Computer

Cummins QSB Engines

The older Cummins QSB (Tier 2) engine has been added to the TEXA system. The QSB is used in a variety of applications, including marine, generators, industrial equipment, and more. You can now change parameters and perform bi-directional commands such as EGR valve activation, fuel system leakage test, and cylinder cut-out test.

Cummins QSB Engine Diagnostics

CAT Model Year 2015 & Newer

TEXA is the only off highway diagnostic tool that offers coverage for 2015 and newer CAT off highway equipment. This equipment has a new round, 14-pin diagnostic connector. CAT uses two protocols (J1939 and CAT Proprietary), both of which are covered. Diagnostics include code reading & clearing, live data, and bi-direction commands. These commands include cylinder cut-off test, injector solenoid test, test ECM commands, and many more.

TEXA 2015 CAT Equipment Diagnostics

VM Motori Engines

VM Motori is a manufacturer of diesel engines based in Italy. Their engines are used in a variety of applications such as automobile, industrial engines, marine, and other off-highway applications. They have now been added to the TEXA off highway diagnostic line up. They are the manufacturer of the Dodge RAM 1500 V6 3.6L engine, and others. We have coverage for all VM Motori engines, including the Tier 3, Tier 4, and SCR modules. The coverage is very good, as we can do VIN writing, DPF regeners, DPF replacement commands, and much more.

VM Motori Diagnostics

Isuzu Diesel Engines

Isuzu engines are used all over the world in a variety of applications. TEXA has the best coverage we have ever seen, and expanded on it by cleaning up the menu system and placing it in the “Industrial Engines” section. Coverage includes Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4 for both 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder options. Coverage is complete, including DPF regens, injector programming, parameter changing, and much more.

TEXA Isuzu Engine Tiers

FPT Diesel Engines

FPT is owned by Fiat, and produces over 3 million engines a year. FPT was previously only listed under a couple different manufacturers, but has now made its way to the “Industrial Engine” option. There are a variety of models listed, including the 45 Series (SM1, SM2, TM1, TM2), 67 Series (SM1, TM2, TM3), Cursor, F1 Series (A0, C0), NEF Series (TE2), and Tector. These engines are used in a variety of equipment, including CASE.

FTP Engine Diagnostics

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