Eligible Diesel Diagnostic Tools

As an exclusive offer only through Diesel Laptops, we are excited to offer you our most popular tools, with no payments until 2017. The eligible tools include:

 TEXA Dealer Level Truck Diagnostic Scanner Tool

TEXA Dealer Level Diagnostic Scanner Tool

The TEXA tool performs all of those dealer level commands on all commercial trucks such as Mack, Volvo, PACCAR, International, Detroit, CAT, Cummins, Fuso, Isuzu, Hino, and many more. If you are looking for one tool that can do things such as forced DPF regenerations, injector programming, parameter changing, cylinder cut-out tests, and more, you found the right tool. This tool has no required annual fee’s, coverage for all ECUs on a truck (Engine, Transmission, ABS, Cab, & more), and top-notch technical support. Learn more on our website.


 Universal Diesel Diagnostic Laptop Kit

Universal Diesel Diagnostic Laptop Kit

For the customer that needs the ability to quickly connect, scan, and troubleshoot commercial trucks, this is your tool. While this tool is strictly a “read only” machine, it does offer the ability to perform quick diagnostics of your commercial trucks, plus has troubleshooting for all the codes. You can view live data, print trip/lifetime reports, and do all the basic troubleshooting. This kit also has the ability to be upgraded with OEM software, so if you need complete coverage on select engine lines, it is easily customized. Learn more on our website.


 Cummins Insite Disesel Diagnostic Laptop Kit

Cummins Insite Diagnostic Laptop Kit

For the customer wanting a complete kit focused only for Cummins Engines, we have your solution. This tool includes the laptop, adapters, cables, and Cummins Insite v8.x software. This tool will allow you to do all those dealer level commands such as injector resets, read/clear/troubleshoot fault codes, perform a DPF regen, injector tests, change engine parameters and features, and a ton more. Learn more on our website.


 CanDo HD Pro II for Hino Isuzu Fuso

CanDo HD Pro II

For the customer that is needing coverage on the import trucks such as Hino, Isuzu, FUSO, and UD Nissan, this is a perfect tool. The OEM software for those manufacturers costs a fortune, and the CanDo HD Pro II is the perfect solution. This all-inclusive tablet will allow you to run the dealer-level commands for those vehicles, plus it will read/clear codes on all other OEMs and also perform some basic command as well. Learn more on our website.


 PTT Premium Tech Tool Mack Volvo Diagnostic Laptop Kit

Premium Tech Tool Mack and Volvo Kit

This kit is designed for customers that run Volvo Trucks, Mack Trucks, or both. This kit includes the laptop, cables & adapters, and the software needed for Mack & Volvo trucks. The Premium Tech Tool software allows you to do complete vehicle diagnostics on your Mack and Volvo Trucks. This includes access to Volvo Central Systems where you can perform Guided Diagnostics, obtain wiring and troubleshooting information, and more. Learn more on our website.


 TEXA Off Highway Diagnostic Tool for CAT, John Deere, and More

TEXA Off Highway Diagnostic Kit

Finally! A solution for off-highway diagnostics is now here! This tool can perform that dealer level commands on CAT, John Deere, JCB, Case, Isuzu, Cummins, Kubota, Perkins, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, and a ton more. Add the TEXA Truck Diagnostic software to this kit, and you have an unbeatable combination of both on-highway and off-highway vehicle diagnostics.  Learn more on our website.


 TEXA Marine Diagnostic Laptop

TEXA Marine Diagnostic Kit

We also do marine diagnostics! TEXA has the most advanced diagnostic kit on the planet for marine applications, which covers inboard, outboard, gas, diesel, personal watercraft, and many more. The TEXA Marine kit covers shown here covers gas engine primarily, but upgrades are available to get the coverage other. Learn more on our website.

How Our Leasing Works

Our leasing program offers customers the flexibility to obtain a low monthly payment instead of spending a large sum of money up front. Our finance deals are structured as leases with a $1 buyout. What this means is that once you make all your payments, you will have a final $1 payment to own the equipment. There are many advantages to leasing over financing, including no/little money down, preserves your credit lines, and helps your balance sheet by becoming a monthly expense instead of a liability or long-term debt.

Financing Contact Information

We have partnered with Brian Graves with Caleb-Parker based in Houston, TX to provide this financing offer. Brian has been in the leasing & finance industry for over 25 years, and can help answer any questions you may have. To contact Brian directly with questions, he can be reached any of the following:

Brian Graves
e-mail: bg@caleb-parker.com
Direct: (713) 885-1111
Fax: (713) 583-2644

How to Apply

This is a very short application process, and you do it a couple different ways:

Direct on our website: https://goo.gl/Y74FC0
Over the phone: Call Brian at 713-885-111
Download the PDF and fax it back to us at 803-339-4095: Caleb-Parker-Credit-Application.pdf (1127 downloads)