PF-Diagnose – A Diesel Diagnostic Software Program (and more!)

PF-Diagnose (PFD) is a creation of Pocketfleet Diagnostic Solutions, a Canadian owned company that has been around for around 7 years now. The owner of the company, Don, wanted to create an affordable diesel diagnostic software program that can be used in any situation. PF-Diagnose is commercial truck diagnostic software that will connect to a commercial truck and read not only the engine, but the ABS, transmission, cab controller, and many more truck electronic control units (ECUs). The software also works with automobiles, agriculture equipment, construction equipment, generators, diesel marine engines, and much more. At an easy to afford price, this commercial truck diagnostic software is a powerful and easy to use tool.

PFD Version 4 Updates Explained

With version 4 of PF-Diagnose, a lot has changed. Lets walk through the numerous updates and changes so that you can understand them all.

Quick Launch Buttons for OEM Software

Customers want a quick and easy way to launch all of their favorite OEM diesel diagnostic software such as ServiceMaxx, Cummins Insite, Allison DOC, PACCAR ESA, and many more. This is now just as simple as click a button at the top of the program. This image below shows you where it is located.

PFD v4.1 - Quick Launch

Expanded Australian Coverage

PF-Diagnose has recently become very popular in Australia for diesel diagnostic software, and customers asked for some expanded coverage. We are happy to announce that PF-Diagnose works great in the Australian market, and coverage has been added for:

  • Ford Ranger 2.5L (2012-2014)
  • Ford Ranger 3.0L (2010-2014)
  • Foton Trucks with Cummins Engines
  • Kenworth Trucks (All Engines)
  • Mack Trucks with Mack Engines (V-MAC III, V-MAC IV, ETECH, & CCRS)

International ESC Codes Defined

International Trucks have a cab controller that monitors and controls the cab, chassis, and HVAC components. However, they do something very odd. Instead of just listing the SPN & FMI codes like everyone else, they also include 2 more parts of the code called “Byte 7” and “Byte 8”. Most code readers won’t read these two extra parts of the code, leaving you unable to obtain the correct code. Without the correct code, it is difficult to fix the problem. PFD is the only diagnostic software program we have came across where we know for certain that it reads this information properly. Also, when paired up with DTC Solutions, the troubleshooting for this code is given.

v4.1 - International Byte 7 & Byte 8

More Codes Defined

PF-Diagnose has more codes defined then anyone else, including some of the larger diesel diagnostic software makers such as Noregon with their JPRO Professional Software. In a recent press release, Noregon claims that their JPRO software has 44,000 fault codes. PF-Diagnose now has 54,000. Some of the coverage statistics for PF-Diagnose include:

  • Truck PIDs: 270
  • SPNs: 5,353
  • Diagnostic Trouble Codes: 54,000
  • Diagnostic Trouble Codes converted to OEM Flash Codes: 16,000

Many customers ask what the difference between PFD and a generic scan tool is, and part of the answer lies with the conversion to OEM flash codes. Lets do an example. You are working on a 2014 Cummins ISX, you generic code reader gives you SPN 100 FMI 4. However, if you try to Google Search or call your local dealer with that answer, you probably won’t find anything that will help you. However, if you knew that the code number from Cummins was code 141, it would be much easier to find. This is the beauty of PF-Diagnose and its ability to do diesel diagnostics on commercial trucks.

v4.1 - Codes Defined

Cummins Step-By-Step Troubleshooting

The installer with PF-Diagnose now comes with all of the Cummins Troubleshooting Guides for every single engine that Cummins manufactures. This includes the ISX, ISM, N14, ISB, ISC, ISL, and the rest of them. When are connected to a Cummins engine, you simply double click your code and the troubleshooting manual will appear. This will give you wiring diagrams, troubleshooting trees, pin-point diagnostics, and much more.

v4.1 - Cummins Insite Integration

PF-Diagnose now includes Tech Repo

Tech Repo is a new program designed by Pocketfleet. This program gives you the ability to quickly and easily navigate to the repair information you are looking for. This program is 100% free with a purchase of PF-Diagnose, and they are constantly releasing more manuals to customers. The installer comes with manuals for Cummins, Eaton, and Bendix as a starter set. To download more manuals, you need to sign-up for their forum (It is free and only available to Pocketfleet customers), and they will post download links as they are available.

TechRepo Manuals Screen ShotTechRepo has tens of thousands of manuals available

Tech Repo Manuals ListSample list of just a few of the manual libraries you can add to TechRepo

How to Purchase

PF-Diagnose v4.1 is available to purchase from us in several ways.

  1. Software Only – If don’t need a laptop, communication adapter, or any other software, you can purchase it directly from our website.
  2. Software with Adapter – For customers that already have a computer, but no communication adapter, you can purchase both with a single click.
  3. Complete Diagnostic Kit – Our complete commercial truck diagnostic kit includes PF-Diagnose, DTC Solutions, Communication Adapter, and a ton of other software, all of which is installed, licensed, configured and ready to go out of the box.

We also have a great video that shows how PF-Diagnose works, along with the DTC Solutions software. DTC Solutions comes with option #3 listed above, or is also available separately.