Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)

Diagnostic trouble codes for commercial trucks can be difficult to find solutions for. Instead of paying large annual fee’s for subscription websites, or spending hours looking around on Google, we have a solution that covers all the major commercial trucks. DTC Solutions gives you a desktop application that can be ran on any Windows based PC, and does not require Internet access. In this new version, we made several enhancements and added 15 new modules.

New DTC Solutions Modules Added

The following modules have been added to DTC Solutions.

  • Freightliner Cab & Chassis ECUs
    • Central Gateway
    • MSF
    • SAM Cab
    • SAM Chassis
  • Hino
    • J08E Engines from 2011-Current
  • International
    • Body Controller
  • Mack
    • mDrive Transmission
    • MP8 V-MAC IV (2010 Emissions)
  • Mercedes-Benz Engines
    • MBE900
    • MBE4000
    • Body Controller
  • UD Nissan
    • Engine from 2005-2007
  • Volvo
    • D13 (2010 Emissions)
    • D13 (2013 Emissions)
    • iShift Transmission


We also made several enhancements and bug fixes in our new DTC Solutions v1.2. This includes:

Easier Navigation

Two changes have been made to help navigate the software easier. First, we have now broken down the navigation filters into “Make” and then “ECM”. This allows you to find the information you are looking at much quicker then previously, and you no longer have to scroll through a long list.

 v1.2 - New Filters

The other change is that the rows are now “taller” then before. With many of our clients running touchscreen devices, this allows easier navigation in the software.

v1.2 - Taller rows

Bug Fixes

Certain modules had lengthy “Additional Information” text that would not display properly for customers on smaller resolutions. This has been fixed.

v1.12 - Additonal Information Bug Fix

Images now Added

With this new release, we have now started to include images into DTC Solutions. Currently, we only have this for the MBE4000 but we are working on adding it to all other modules as well.

v1.2 - Images added

This program is available for purchase on www.DieselLaptops.com.