TEXA IDC4 Truck Diagnostics

The TEXA IDC4 Truck Diagnostic software package is the industry leading computerized diagnostic software for commercial trucks. With virtually “dealer level” diagnostics for class 6 through 8 commercial trucks, the TEXA does it all. From code reading and clearing, to running functional tests such as injector cut-outs, forced DPF regenerations, parameter changing, and more, the TEXA IDC4 is the software for the job. The TEXA IDC4 software works in conjunction with the Navigator TXTs communication adapter box.

TEXA IDC4 Truck Version 37 Release

In November 2014, TEXA released version 37 of the truck diagnostic software. Besides the addition and expansion of systems as mentioned below, the new version also comes with an important new feature: Road Test. This new function makes it possible to record the diagnostic session with the vehicle in order to spot those specific faults that cannot be detected when the vehicle is parked in a shop. TEXA has released a feature that covers this new addition, and you can watch it on YouTube.

As for the new features included in the TEXA IDC4 Truck version 37, the list is as follows:

  • Cummins Engines
    • More adjustments & activations for Cummins pre-2007 engines. You can now perform injector cut-out tests, EGR valve tests, parameter changing, and much more.
  • Chevrolet
    • ABS system was added.
  • Detroit Diesel & Mercedes Benz
    • New proprietarty diagnostic systems were added for CGW Gateway, MSF Modular switch panel, SSAM cab module, ICUC Instrumentation, and SCH Chassis Module.
  • Ford
    • ABS Hydraulic system was added.
  • GMC
    • ABS Hydraulic system was added.
  • Hino
    • Series 600 (Hino models start with a “2”) has new reset adjustments for the Denso Injection system.
  • International
    • New tests for the Body Controller.
    • New ABS Hydraulic system was added.
  • Isuzu
    • New ABS systems for the H series was added.
  • Mack
    • Mack IV ECM’s have an updated error list.
    • Mack III ECM’s have new functions such as injector coding, idle speed adjustment, and engine brake solenoid.
  • Wiring Diagrams Added
    • Bendix (ABS/ATC), Wabco (ABS D)
  • New Dashboards Added
    • Allison Automatic Transmissions

The TEXA IDC4 software is constantly being updated, and the truck module typically has 4-7 “major” releases performed each year. You can learn more about the TEXA diagnostic system on our website.