Wabco Toolbox ABS Software

Wabco has officially released the latest version of their popular Wabco Toolbox software. Meritor Wabco Toolbox software provides PC diagnostics for SmartTrac, including Tractor and Trailer Pneumatic ABS, Trailer RSSplus, Trailer EBS™, Hydraulic ABS and Hydraulic Power Brake (HPB), as well as OnGuard, OnLane, and OptiRide Electronically Controlled Air Suspension (ECAS). In short, the Wabco Toolbox software provides complete functionality for everything electronic that Meritor manufactures for commercial trucks. This program provides the following basic functions:

  • Displays both static and dynamic information from the system under test
  • Displays both active and stored system faults, as well as the appropriate repair information
  • Activates system components to verify system integrity, correct component operation, and installation wiring
  • Provides direct digital access to product maintenance manuals
  • Offers easy lookup of install instructions
  • Reverse Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) Lookup
  • Aftermarket ECU Programming updates

Wabco Toolbox Version 12 Updates

There have been some new additions to the Wabco Toolbox with version 12, which is broken down by category:


  • Additional Pneumatic ABS ECU (E8)
  • New inclusion of Electronic Braking System (EBS) ECU
  • OnGuardACTIVE Diagnostics


  • Hydraulic Power Brake 500k Baud Support
  • Hydraulic ABS-E 500k Baud Support

Toolbox Software

  • Improved Quick Start Guide
  • J1939 Bus Monitor 500k

System Requirements

The Wabco Toolbox software does not require much for a computer. The minimum requires includes:

  • Windows XP, Vista, or 7
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 100 MB hard drive space
  • Rp1210 Compliant Device (Look at our DPA5 or Nexiq USB Link 2 if you need one!)

How To Purchase

If you are interested in purchase a copy of the Wabco Toolbox software, you can purchase it directly off our website. This is a digital download, and you will be emailed a download link and license key after your payment is processed. We also send you a copy on a flash drive, along with a print out of your codes for back-up.


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