Bosch ESI Truck 3824 Updates

Today is September 22nd, 2015 and we just received our latest update for the Bosch ESI Truck diagnostic tool. Anytime we receive an update, we want to let everyone know what is new with it, as we’ve noticed a couple “gaps” in coverage with the current version (2015/1). The issues that have been reported to us, and verified, include:

  • 2007-2009 International MaxxForce 7 has no bi-directional controls, and will not give flash codes (It only gives the SPI/FMI)
  • Isuzu “F” series will not connect
  • For Detroit engines, if the engine has a password on it you can not change anything, even if you know the password
  • Many codes do not have troubleshooting, and wiring diagrams are somewhat limited

Even with those issues, the Bosch is a great tool! So let us see what the updates for 2015/2 bring us:

Bosch ESI Truck 2015/2 Coverage Updates

  • 2014 and newer Mack & Volvo had better scan capability. Shows more system information and better fault information.
  • Caterpillar EPA ’07 system updates
  • Cummins QSN & QSB system updates
  • MaxxForce 11/13 Updates
  • 12,184 fault codes added
  • 719 wiring diagrams added
  • 5,866 symptom troubleshooting items added

Bosch ESI Truck 2015/2 Menu Updates

  • 2014 & newer Mac & Volvo communication button improved. There is new scan capability and dedicated “button”.
  • System Scan Menu can now read & clear all faults from system scan report/menu.
  • New “Common Test” menu button with system scan.

After reviewing the list, I’m please to see more fault codes, wiring diagrams, and troubleshooting has been added. I’m disappointed that there was no mention of the Isuzu “F” series issue, or the 2007-09 MaxxForce issue. However, the documents we receive from Bosch are very limited and our hope is that there has been some improvement. Soon as we have a chance to connect to the vehicles with known issues, we will make sure to update this blog post for future visitors.

More Information

You can learn more about the Bosch ESI Truck tool from the Bosch website, or by visiting the product page on our website as well. We have much more information listed there, along with video’s of us demonstrating the Bosch unit in action.

Bosch ESI with Laptop WATERMARK