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ServiceMaxx Explained

ServiceMaxx is the dealer level software for International Engines. This includes all the International engines such as DT466, DT530, MaxxForce DT, MaxxForce 7 through 13, and any other electronic engine that International has manufactured since they went electronic (Mid 1990s). This software originally was released in 2007, and replaced the Master Diagnostic software that dealerships previously used. ServiceMaxx is a Java based program, and does require an annual fee to continue using it (More on this later). If you want to run any functional tests on your International Engines, you need the ServiceMaxx software to do it. This includes things such as forced regenerations of your DPF filter, injector solenoid tests, changing engine parameters, cylinder contribution test, calibrations of various electronic engine components, and so on.

What it doesn’t do

ServiceMaxx does NOT read anything besides the engine. If you have a check AC light on, or need to communicate with the cab controller, you will need to use Diamond Logic Builder or an aftermarket alternative. There is also no troubleshooting included with the ServiceMaxx software, so if you do have codes there is no reference on how to repair it.

How to purchase ServiceMaxx

Glad you asked! The first thing to understand is that you need three things in order for this to work properly. The first being a computer or laptop. The second being a communication adapter to go between the truck and the laptop. The third is the software. In this case, there are two part numbers. You will need to purchase ServiceMaxx part number 828009 initially, and then part number 828010 after 12 months for the renewal. If you don’t purchase the renewal, ServiceMaxx will not allow you to do anything.

You can purchase it a variety of ways:

  • Call your local International Dealer and ask for a price on part number 828009. Most dealers don’t sell or stock it, but its worth calling.
  • You can purchase it from our website
  • You can call Nexiq directly at 877-905-6716 and ask to purchase it with¬†a credit card over the phone.

 Alternatives to ServiceMaxx

Quite often customers don’t need the entire functionality (and expense!) of ServiceMaxx. They simply want to check codes and perform basic troubleshooting. In this case, I would recommend another product to you — PF-Diagnose. This program reads virtually every single commercial truck on the market, along with giving flash codes. With International engines, you can even perform injector buzz tests, change parameters, and run various Key On Engine Off and Key On Engine On tests as well.

So there you have it, everything you need to know about ServiceMaxx. Feel free to leave any questions or comments and we’ll do our best to get right back to you!

ServiceMaxx Software

ServiceMaxx Software