Premium Tech Tool (PTT) v2.x Tips & Tricks

For those of you that use Premium Tech Tool (Mack & Volvo Diagnostic Software), version 2.xx has been about for around 6 months at the time of this writing. A lot of customers report problems with this software or have questions, so here is our accumulated knowledge of this program.

The Auto-Detect Feature won’t work!

According to Premium Tech Tool, if you are updated to v2.03.xx or higher, is should auto detect. However, I find this to be false. In our experience, it does auto-detect with everything except for older Mack trucks. These would be trucks running V-MACIII ECM, which is early 2000’s and older. In this case, you will need to manually select the ECM.

Premium Tech Tool v2.xx gives me a security and/or Java error!

From talking with the good folks at tech support at Premium Tech Tool, this is because there are only 2 versions of Java that work. This would be Java v6 update 31 or Java v7 update 51. You need to make sure you have *only* one of those versions installed. You then need to turn the security settings down to “low” on the Java control panel and disable all updates.

PTT v1.12.xx or PTT v2.xx?

In January of 2015, Volvo has announced that Premium Tech Tool will stop working come June 1st, 2015. I spoke to one of their tech support people to get clarification, and they explained that come June 1st, you will not be able to log in either offline or online. The program itself will stop functioning, and you will not be able to connect to any trucks. Because of this, we highly recommend that you upgrade to v2.xx as soon as possible!

How do I receive updates?

Look in your task bar in the lower right by the time clock. You should have an icon for the Network Update Agent. Make sure to run this verify that you are receiving all updates for the Premium Tech Tool software!

How can I get training for this program?

Premium Tech Tool has two different training video’s available to help you learn more about the software. You can view either the PTT Mack Training Video or the PTT Volvo Training Video.

Where can I purchase the software?

Glad you asked! You can purchase the Premium Tech Tool software right from our website or you can purchase a complete kit with laptop, adapter, and software. Do note that it could take several weeks for your license to be issued from Volvo.