Bendix Software ACOM v6.8 Now Available

Bendix has officially released the latest version of their ABS software, called Bendix ACOM. The latest version, v6.8, has been released. Here is the best part: It’s free! This software covers the following components:

  • Truck ABS EC-60 Standard, Premium, Advanced
  • TABS6 Standard & Premium
  • Wingman – FLR10, FLR20
  • EC-30 ABS ECU
  • A-18 Trailer ABS
  • SmarTire Tire Pressure Monitoring
  • Gen 4 and 5 ABS (2X, U12, U16)
  • EC-17 ABS ECU
  • MC-30 Trailer ABS
  • VORAD VS-400 Forward Rear

So what does all that mean? Basically, if you a Bendix manufactured component (ABS, Tire Pressure Monitor system, VORAD, Wingman, etc…) this is the software you want. You can download the program right from Bendix by filling out a simple form. Make sure you don’t forget to grab the user guide as well!

Bendix and Meritor Wabco ABS are the predominant ABS systems for commercial trucks in the United States, and this is a “must have” software program for any repair shop. We also include Bendix Software for ABS systems on every laptop we sell, so if you purchased a kit from us in the past, now is the time to upgrade your Bendix ACOM software at no charge to you.

If you need help troubleshooting Bendix ABS codes, there are also a variety of options available for you:

  • DTC Solutions – This program isn’t free, but it does have troubleshooting help for every major ABS, engine, and transmission system in North America. Just pick your system, then your code, and see the solutions on how to repair it.
  • Bendix EC-60 Troubleshooting Guide – This 44-page PDF is free, and covers the entire Bendix ABS system in greater depth. The EC-60 is todays most common ABS systems on commercial trucks for Bendix.
Bendix Software ACOM Diagnostics

Bendix Software – ACOM v6.8 has been released