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Updates to Knowledge Base 2.0

Knowledge Base 2.0 is our system that contains tens of thousands of documents relating to truck and off highway repair information. Documents are added to this system each month, and we always want to keep our customers updated on what we’ve added to the system. Knowledge Base is not available as a separate purchase, and only available when purchasing a diagnostic kit from Diesel Laptops. For the month of September 2018, we’ve added almost 6,000 more documents to the system. Specifically, here is what has been added. Step-by-Step Troubleshooting PDFs These guides will walk you through each diagnostic fault...

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Free Truck Parts Cross Software

Diesel Laptops, a provider of commercial truck diesel diagnostic software, repair information and hardware, announces their availability of free Truck Parts Cross Software. Truck Parts Cross is a database consisting of over 1.2 million heavy duty truck part numbers, along with cross references to other manufacturers of those parts. This includes both original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and aftermarket. This is a no-charge, free platform offered to anyone that wants to use it. Users can use the free desktop application, the website, or the mobile apps that are available on both the Google Play and Apple iTunes stores under “Truck...

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TEXA Truck Software with Mitsubishi FUSO

No one ever claimed that computerized diagnostics was easy. Even when you purchase one of the best diagnostic tools on the market, things can still go wrong. Trucks are complicated pieces of machinery and understanding how to use your diagnostic software platform can be troublesome as well. Case Study – TEXA IDC5 with a 2012 FUSO In this case study, we are going to cover a common diagnostic mistake that occurs quite often. This customer had a 2012 FUSO Canter in his shop and called use because he needed more information on the diagnostic code he was seeing. Below...

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Total Shop Solution from Diesel Laptops

There is a new way to perform your vehicle diagnostics, and it is called the Total Shop Solution from Diesel Laptops. This solution solves several problems, such as hiring qualified diesel technicians to diagnose your vehicles, purchasing expensive software licenses, and sourcing repair and troubleshooting information. At a high level, the Total Shop Solution includes the following: A multi-brand, dealer level truck diagnostic tool. A tablet with our Diesel Laptops LTE Network. A multi-brand, dealer level automotive diagnostic tool. Access to our entire diagnostic tool and software library. Unlimited usage of our Remote Programming Kits. Unlimited usage of our...

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Technician Tool Insurance Program from Pro-TEC

Pro-TEC is the industry leader in providing specialized insurance coverage for toolboxes, diagnostic tools, hand tools, power tools, and shop equipment. The average technician invest upwards of $50,000 in equipment, so lets make sure it is covered! Pro-TEC’s tool insurance program covers every industry, including marine, diesel, automotive, off highway, and many others. For around $500 per year, you can insure yourself for up to $50,000 worth of equipment. Coverage Annual Premium: $500 $50,000 catastrophe limit Insured is allowed up to $5,000 for any one hand tool Insured is allowed up to $15,000 for any one empty tool storage...

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Diesel Forward, Inc. and Diesel Laptops Announce Strategic Partnership

Diesel Forward ®, the nation’s leading provider of aftermarket diesel engine fuel systems and technical components is pleased to announce that it has formed a strategic partnership with Diesel Laptops, a distributor for commercial truck diesel diagnostic software and hardware based in Gilbert, SC (more on the new corporate location can be found here on the blog.) The two industry leaders are teaming up to collaborate on products, services, and technical support initiatives to provide innovative solutions across the diesel truck and off-highway industries. This collaborative partnership will allow both companies to expand the reach of their technical support...

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Diesel Laptops Beta Test Group

Are you interested in helping us test and develop new products? If so, we’d love to have you join our Diesel Laptops Beta Test Group. We constantly have new products and services we want to test before announcing them to the public. This can include things such as new: New diagnostic software Repair information New mobile apps for iOS and Android Allowing us remote access to trucks for data logging New physical tools Being a member of the Diesel Laptops Beta Test Group has numerous advantages, including: Giving us direct input on the future of new products. Receiving free...

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Diesel Laptops Rechargeable Power Bank

This high capasity power bank is the perfect accessory for technicians that work in the field that need a separate power source to power up their equipment.  This power bank has enough power to run an ECM for over 12 hours from a single charge. Power Bank Features 3 USB Slots that are perfect for charging your iPhone, iPad, or any other application that uses USB. An AC power slot that can be used to charge a 12-volt UAB battery, a 12-volt refrigerator, as well as a 12-volt fishing and hunting lamp. 12-volt power supply. 15-amp cigaratte lighter output....

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TruckFaultCodes adds community focused features in latest update

In February of this year, Diesel Laptops introduced the Truck Fault Codes iOS and Android app, which provides access to more than 40,000 diagnostic trouble codes found on commercial trucks. Initially, the app focused solely on allowing users to search by manufacturer, model, and code number to get information on the components related to that diagnostic code, along with a list of probable causes so that you can isolate problems and repair your vehicle. While this functionality is still the underlying core feature of the app, version 1.7 has added a host of new community focused features to bring the...

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Troubleshooting Trees added for even more Cummins Engines

We are excited to announce that we have added detailed troubleshooting trees for more Cummins engines. This includes the Cummins ISC CM554 (1998-2002), Cummins ISL CM554 (1998-2003), and Cummins ISM CM875 (2003-2006). These detailed, step-by-step directions will help any technician easily find the problem to their code and make a quick repair. These are all included with our premium membership package, which is $200 per year. We now have repair information on every diagnostic code from a class 6 to class 8 truck, along with over 6,700 step-by-step PDFs as well. Newly added troubleshooting trees CUMMINS ISC CM554 (1998-2002)...

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Introducing the Diesel Laptops Tough Case

The all new Diesel Laptops Tough Case is the perfect compliment to any of our Dealer Level Diagnostic Kits. This IPX7 certified water resistant case features a high density foam insert that has been custom cut to fit every component from our complete kits, such as the 2018 Edition TEXA Truck Kit. A Perfect Fit The main cut-out compartment has a generous open space for storing connection cables. Above the main compartment, there is a ledge which has been custom cut to fit a Panasonic CF-30 or CF-31 Toughbook laptop (our most popular laptops.) On the side, there are...

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Professional Level Truck Diagnostic Scan Tool Comparison

We often are asked the question on how the various “professional” level scan tools compare to each other. The tables and information below represent our opinion and our own data on the 4 major players in the heavy-duty truck diagnostic market. Snap On Ultra Pro Link Previously this made by Nexiq Technologies and sold as the IQ System. Nexiq was acquired by Snap On, and they sold the “blue” one under Nexiq and the “red” one under Snap On. Their model is such that you purchase the “base” unit first, which includes the hardware and some generic software. This...

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