Author: Kaelyn Johnson

Updates to Knowledge Base 2.0

Knowledge Base 2.0 is our system that contains tens of thousands of documents relating to truck and off highway repair information. Documents are added to this system each month, and we always want to keep our customers updated on what we’ve added to the system. Knowledge Base is not available as a separate purchase, and only available when purchasing a diagnostic kit from Diesel Laptops. For the month of September 2018, we’ve added almost 6,000 more documents to the system. Specifically, here is what has been added. Step-by-Step Troubleshooting PDFs These guides will walk you through each diagnostic fault...

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TEXA Truck Software with Mitsubishi FUSO

No one ever claimed that computerized diagnostics was easy. Even when you purchase one of the best diagnostic tools on the market, things can still go wrong. Trucks are complicated pieces of machinery and understanding how to use your diagnostic software platform can be troublesome as well. Case Study – TEXA IDC5 with a 2012 FUSO In this case study, we are going to cover a common diagnostic mistake that occurs quite often. This customer had a 2012 FUSO Canter in his shop and called use because he needed more information on the diagnostic code he was seeing. Below...

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Total Shop Solution from Diesel Laptops

There is a new way to perform your vehicle diagnostics, and it is called the Total Shop Solution from Diesel Laptops. This solution solves several problems, such as hiring qualified diesel technicians to diagnose your vehicles, purchasing expensive software licenses, and sourcing repair and troubleshooting information. At a high level, the Total Shop Solution includes the following: A multi-brand, dealer level truck diagnostic tool. A tablet with our Diesel Laptops LTE Network. A multi-brand, dealer level automotive diagnostic tool. Access to our entire diagnostic tool and software library. Unlimited usage of our Remote Programming Kits. Unlimited usage of our...

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Technician Tool Insurance Program from Pro-TEC

Pro-TEC is the industry leader in providing specialized insurance coverage for toolboxes, diagnostic tools, hand tools, power tools, and shop equipment. The average technician invest upwards of $50,000 in equipment, so lets make sure it is covered! Pro-TEC’s tool insurance program covers every industry, including marine, diesel, automotive, off highway, and many others. For around $500 per year, you can insure yourself for up to $50,000 worth of equipment. Coverage Annual Premium: $500 $50,000 catastrophe limit Insured is allowed up to $5,000 for any one hand tool Insured is allowed up to $15,000 for any one empty tool storage...

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Diesel Laptops Beta Test Group

Are you interested in helping us test and develop new products? If so, we’d love to have you join our Diesel Laptops Beta Test Group. We constantly have new products and services we want to test before announcing them to the public. This can include things such as new: New diagnostic software Repair information New mobile apps for iOS and Android Allowing us remote access to trucks for data logging New physical tools Being a member of the Diesel Laptops Beta Test Group has numerous advantages, including: Giving us direct input on the future of new products. Receiving free...

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