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Cummins Engine Codes and How to Read Them

Cummins Engine Codes – Reading & Repairing Reading Cummins ISX, ISM, ISL, ISB, & More A lot of customers frequently ask how they can read Cummins engine codes. Cummins engines are popular in everything from the heavy duty class 8 trucks (semi trucks) all the way down to pick-up trucks. Quite often, customers have a check engine light on, and they want to know what to do. First of all, using any time of diagnostic information that the dash display gives you won’t help at all. If your truck is equipped with this feature, they often only return the MID/PID/FMI values. These are not what you are looking for. You are looking for the actual Cummins engine codes, or better known as flash codes. Engine codes can also be referred to as DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes). Options for Reading Cummins Engine Codes For commercial trucks (Think Kenworth, International, Peterbilt, Freightliner, Kenworth, Volvo, Mack), you are presented with a couple options. The “top shelf” option would be what dealers use — Cummins Insite. Cummins Insite is the annual based subscription program that is licensed to end users for 12 months at a time. Cummins Insite allows users to perform all functional tests, including injector disable, forced regen, VGT calibrations, reading Cummins engine codes and more. Cummins has recently expanded their policy on these licenses, and they come in two flavors...

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CAT Adapter 3 (317-7484) replaced!

CAT Communication Adapter 3 (III) has been upgraded! CAT Adapter 3 The tried and true CAT Adapter 3 (Also know as the CAT Comm III)  adapter that is manufactured by Caterpillar has been upgraded. The old part number, 317-7484, has now been replaced by part number 466-6258. We took this opportunity to try and find out what has changed with this new adapter. The first thing we did is buy one, and open up the box. The box itself appears to be the exact same, and there are no changes that can be noticed. Here is what the inside looks like: There are 4 components in the box: CAT Comm Adapter III CD for installing the drivers USB Cable (From device to your computer) 6 & 9 pin cable (from device to your truck) We then took a closer look at the adapter itself. It is labeled with part # 317-7485 as you can see in this picture: This is the exact same part # as found in the original kit, part # 317-7484. So what gives? CAT raises the price a couple hundred dollars, but the adapter is the same? Lets dig a little further. The kit also contains a CD, USB cable, and 6/9 pin connector. Upon inspection, everything in this kit is exactly the same except for the provided connector pin cable. Here is what the old kit and the new kit contained from CAT:...

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Premium Tech Tool (PTT) v2.x Tips & Tricks

Premium Tech Tool (PTT) v2.x Tips & Tricks For those of you that use Premium Tech Tool (Mack & Volvo Diagnostic Software), version 2.xx has been about for around 6 months at the time of this writing. A lot of customers report problems with this software or have questions, so here is our accumulated knowledge of this program. The Auto-Detect Feature won’t work! According to Premium Tech Tool, if you are updated to v2.03.xx or higher, is should auto detect. However, I find this to be false. In our experience, it does auto-detect with everything except for older Mack trucks. These would be trucks running V-MACIII ECM, which is early 2000’s and older. In this case, you will need to manually select the ECM. Premium Tech Tool v2.xx gives me a security and/or Java error! From talking with the good folks at tech support at Premium Tech Tool, this is because there are only 2 versions of Java that work. This would be Java v6 update 31 or Java v7 update 51. You need to make sure you have *only* one of those versions installed. You then need to turn the security settings down to “low” on the Java control panel and disable all updates. PTT v1.12.xx or PTT v2.xx? In January of 2015, Volvo has announced that Premium Tech Tool will stop working come June 1st, 2015. I...

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Bendix Software ACOM v6.8 for ABS – Free Download!

Bendix Software ACOM v6.8 Now Available Bendix has officially released the latest version of their ABS software, called Bendix ACOM. The latest version, v6.8, has been released. Here is the best part: It’s free! This software covers the following components: Truck ABS EC-60 Standard, Premium, Advanced TABS6-ADV, TABS6-ADV MC TABS6-MV, TABS6-MV MC TABS6 Standard & Premium Wingman – FLR10, FLR20 EC-30 ABS ECU A-18 Trailer ABS SmarTire Tire Pressure Monitoring Gen 4 and 5 ABS (2X, U12, U16) EC-17 ABS ECU MC-30 Trailer ABS VORAD VS-400 Forward Rear So what does all that mean? Basically, if you a Bendix manufactured component (ABS, Tire Pressure Monitor system, VORAD, Wingman, etc…) this is the software you want. You can download the program right from Bendix by filling out a simple form. Make sure you don’t forget to grab the user guide as well! Bendix and Meritor Wabco ABS are the predominant ABS systems for commercial trucks in the United States, and this is a “must have” software program for any repair shop. We also include Bendix Software for ABS systems on every laptop we sell, so if you purchased a kit from us in the past, now is the time to upgrade your Bendix ACOM software at no charge to you. If you need help troubleshooting Bendix ABS codes, there are also a variety of options available for you: DTC Solutions...

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Nexiq USB Link and DPA5 differences explained

Nexiq USB Link vs DG Technologies DPA5 The two most common aftermarket communication adapters are the Nexiq USB Link and the DG Technologies DPA5. Customers quite often ask us: What’s the difference? Well, we’re here to break it down for you. The Nexiq USB Link is manufactured by Nexiq, which is owned by Snap On. This is by far the most common adapter, as they have a very large distribution network and brand name recognition. Below is our list of Pro’s and Con’s on this adapter: Pro’s Aftermarket cable ends are readily available all over the Internet around $30 each. You can buy them anywhere – Your Snap On Tool Truck, dealerships, Internet, etc… If repairs are needed after warranty has expired (12 months), Nexiq repairs them at reasonable pricing. Con’s Only has a 12-month warranty No diagnostic software included There are TONS of Chinese clones/knock offs so be careful where you buy from The most expensive aftermarket adapter available Item is manufactured out of plastic (Not as durable as others) The DPA5 adapter is manufactured by DG Technologies, which was previously called Dearborn Technologies. While a smaller company, they do a lot of business directly with manufacturers such as Case New Holland, Detroit, and more. Pro’s Priced competitively ($75 or so less than a Nexiq) Standard 2-year warranty and extended warranties available Made out of metal, so very...

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