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Diesel Laptops Replacement Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs)

Introduced in 2007, Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) have quickly become a major pain point in the commercial truck industry with several millions of them in circulation. While our primary focus has been on diesel diagnostic equipment, we quickly have learned that our customers need quality replacement parts as well. We are excited to be given the opportunity to help customers in this regard as well. Made in the USA Our DPFs are manufactured in the USA by American workers. The quality of these filters is on par or above OEM level. Each filter contains components that are 100% manufactured...

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TEXA Truck v43 Update Available Now

TEXA Truck v43 Update Notes TEXA has released version 43 of their truck diagnostic software Dec 10th, 2017. This new version further separates TEXA from competitors in the multi-brand truck diagnostic spectrum. Details of all the upgrades and enhancements are below! Volvo Trucks While TEXA has always had great coverage on Volvo Trucks, there is always more to add for both 2017 & 2018 models, plus older equipment. Updates includes: Volvo iShift has been updated to cover the latest models, along with new clutch calibration procedures added. We found some new ECU variants on Volvo’s produced before the year...

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DTC Solutions version 2 Released

DTC Solutions is our solution to providing customers with quick, easy to find repair information on every single diagnostic trouble code (DTC) that we can find. While the original version has been popular, we had kept everything the same for the last 5 years. Today, that changes. We are excited to showcase a completely new user interface, new modules, a better search method, and much more. This software solution is only available on our kits or bundles, and is not sold separately. DTC Solutions Improved Interface With touchscreen displays and tablets becoming more popular, we wanted to make sure...

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The New Green 9-pin J1939 Connectors Explained

Introduction to the Green Type II Can 500 9-pin Starting with model year 2016 and newer trucks, commercial vehicles started showing up with the new green 9-pin plug in the dash. Previously they were black in color and now they are green. If you have a black cable, you will find that it will not physically fit into the green diagnostic port; this left technicians with new many questions, including: So, what is going on here? Why did the truck manufacturers make our lives more difficult? Can I just but a new cable for my truck adapter? All of...

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CanDo HD Mobile for iOS and Android Review

CanDo HD Mobile Overview There has always been a wide variety of handheld scanners for commercial trucks. The last time we looked, there was over 30 different models available from a wide range of manufacturers, both well known (Bosch, OTC, Snap On) and from overseas (Autel, iCarSoft). What we have seen the last 6-9 months is a shift from handheld scanners which have physical cables attached to them, to mobile devices that use your phone and Bluetooth. As of this blog post, there are 3 devices that work on commercial trucks from your mobile device, with the CanDo HD...

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