Month: July 2018

Diesel Laptops Beta Test Group

Are you interested in helping us test and develop new products? If so, we’d love to have you join our Diesel Laptops Beta Test Group. We constantly have new products and services we want to test before announcing them to the public. This can include things such as new: New diagnostic software Repair information New mobile apps for iOS and Android Allowing us remote access to trucks for data logging New physical tools Being a member of the Diesel Laptops Beta Test Group has numerous advantages, including: Giving us direct input on the future of new products. Receiving free...

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Diesel Laptops Rechargeable Power Bank

This high capasity power bank is the perfect accessory for technicians that work in the field that need a separate power source to power up their equipment.  This power bank has enough power to run an ECM for over 12 hours from a single charge. Power Bank Features 3 USB Slots that are perfect for charging your iPhone, iPad, or any other application that uses USB. An AC power slot that can be used to charge a 12-volt UAB battery, a 12-volt refrigerator, as well as a 12-volt fishing and hunting lamp. 12-volt power supply. 15-amp cigaratte lighter output....

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TEXA eTruck Remote Vehicle Diagnostics

Introducing TEXA eTruck TEXA eTruck is a remote diagnostic tool that is plugged into the diagnostic connector of a commercial truck. It then pairs up via Bluetooth with a mobile phone or tablet in the cab of the vehicle, which in turn transmits data to the Internet. The eTruck device is not intended to be an EDL, geolocator, or logistics information tool. This tool is intended to extend the range of the TEXA Truck diagnostic platform, giving both drivers and fleet managers an easy, seamless way to perform diagnostics. TEXA eTruck Capabilities and Benefits The TEXA eTruck device is...

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TruckFaultCodes adds community focused features in latest update

In February of this year, Diesel Laptops introduced the Truck Fault Codes iOS and Android app, which provides access to more than 40,000 diagnostic trouble codes found on commercial trucks. Initially, the app focused solely on allowing users to search by manufacturer, model, and code number to get information on the components related to that diagnostic code, along with a list of probable causes so that you can isolate problems and repair your vehicle. While this functionality is still the underlying core feature of the app, version 1.7 has added a host of new community focused features to bring the...

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Remote Programming Kits are the perfect solution for one time problems

Remote Programming Kits, available exclusively through Diesel Laptops, are the perfect solution for fleet managers, shop owners, mechanics and enthusiasts who are in the unique position of needing quick, one-time solutions to atypical situations. For instance, let’s say you are a shop owner that mostly works on Cummins Engines, but a customer with an Isuzu Engine comes in and needs to have their ECM programmed or calibration updated. Traditionally you are faced with two options, neither of which are beneficial to your business. The first is to purchase Isuzu IDSS Diagnostic Software for $1,495 (as well as special cables and...

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