Month: July 2017

Portable DPF Cleaning Machine Features and Benefits

Quick Intro to DPF Filters Every commercial truck since 2007 has a Diesel Particulate Filter, or DPF, on the vehicle. In simplest terms, the DPF is an extra device in the exhaust system that is designed to catch diesel particulate matter, or “soot”, from the engine. The issue that many people don’t realize is that these filters have required maintenance intervals. These are based on usage type, miles driven, and hours of engine run time. This required maintenance involves removing the DPF, running it through a DPF cleaning machine, and then placing it back on the truck. Often times...

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How to spot a China Nexiq USB Link 2 Clone

The Nexiq USB Link original adapter came out around 7 years ago, and sold over 130,000 before it was discontinued and replaced by the Nexiq USB Link 2. The Nexiq USB Link 2 came out around mid-2014, and is the number one selling commercial truck adapter in the market. Besides the fact that Nexiq is worried about USB Link 2 clone, one of the nagging issues that Nexiq had with the original design was that several different OBDII cables were needed (Regulard OBDII, Volvo/Mack HD OBDII, CAT in GMC/Chevy Truck OBDII, etc…). The other issue was that Nexiq never...

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TEXA Truck Diagnostic Version 42 Released

On July 1st, 2017 TEXA has officially released Truck version 42 of their truck diagnostic software. This version adds hundreds of new commands, and expands on the improvement made in version 41. With TEXA Truck already covering all power train diagnostic functions, version 42 is focused on improving body controller ECUs and more medium duty coverage. You can learn more about this tool, along with complete coverage, on our product page. GMC & Chevrolet Upgraded TEXA has now added even more commands for the Duramax 6.6L diesel engine. They have also added coverage for the following systems: Suspension, Instrumentation,...

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