Month: August 2016

PF-Diagnose Diesel Diagnostic Software Version 4 Released

PF-Diagnose – A Diesel Diagnostic Software Program (and more!) PF-Diagnose (PFD) is a creation of Pocketfleet Diagnostic Solutions, a Canadian owned company that has been around for around 7 years now. The owner of the company, Don, wanted to create an affordable diesel diagnostic software program that can be used in any situation. PF-Diagnose is commercial truck diagnostic software that will connect to a commercial truck and read not only the engine, but the ABS, transmission, cab controller, and many more truck electronic control units (ECUs). The software also works with automobiles, agriculture equipment, construction equipment, generators, diesel marine engines, and much more. At an easy to afford price, this commercial truck diagnostic software is a powerful and easy to use tool. PFD Version 4 Updates Explained With version 4 of PF-Diagnose, a lot has changed. Lets walk through the numerous updates and changes so that you can understand them all. Quick Launch Buttons for OEM Software Customers want a quick and easy way to launch all of their favorite OEM diesel diagnostic software such as ServiceMaxx, Cummins Insite, Allison DOC, PACCAR ESA, and many more. This is now just as simple as click a button at the top of the program. This image below shows you where it is located. Expanded Australian Coverage PF-Diagnose has recently become very popular in Australia for diesel diagnostic software, and customers asked...

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AutoEnginuity Reviewed and Explained

AutoEninguity Reviewed In Depth AutoEnginuity Overview The heart of the Auto Enginuity product line starts with their ScanTool. The ScanTool, shown in the picture below, is an OBDII adapter that plugs into the diagnostic connector on your automobiles. The USB cable then goes to your laptop. The ScanTool has recently been renamed “ProLine VCI”, with VCI standing for Vehicle Connection Interface. The way AutoEnginuity works is that you first need to purchase the adapter, and then you can purchase “enhanced” coverages for any auto manufacturer they offer, and there is a lot of them. Currently they offer enhanced coverages for  over 40 carmakers, including: Ford GM Toyota Chrysler Mazda Nissan BMW Honda Hyundai/Kia Land Rover Jaguar Subaru Porche GM of Europe (Isuzu/Holden) Mitsubishi Ferrari Fiat This list is obviously not 40 companies, but Ford does include all the other brands in their family such as Lincoln, Mercury, Saleen, etc… The addons for BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Nissan also include the extra cables needed for those manufacturers. AutoEnginuity Requirements & Packaging AutoEnginuity is a PC-based application, so Apple fans are out of luck. This is also not an item that you can use with a mobile devices such as Android, iPhone, iPad, or any tablets. Requirements are very minor. Your PC needs an open USB port, 200 MB of free space, a CD-drive to install it, and at least 1 GB...

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DTC Solutions v1.2 Released

Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) Diagnostic trouble codes for commercial trucks can be difficult to find solutions for. Instead of paying large annual fee’s for subscription websites, or spending hours looking around on Google, we have a solution that covers all the major commercial trucks. DTC Solutions gives you a desktop application that can be ran on any Windows based PC, and does not require Internet access. In this new version, we made several enhancements and added 15 new modules. New DTC Solutions Modules Added The following modules have been added to DTC Solutions. Freightliner Cab & Chassis ECUs Central Gateway MSF SAM Cab SAM Chassis Hino J08E Engines from 2011-Current International Body Controller Mack mDrive Transmission MP8 V-MAC IV (2010 Emissions) Mercedes-Benz Engines MBE900 MBE4000 PACCAR Body Controller UD Nissan Engine from 2005-2007 Volvo D13 (2010 Emissions) D13 (2013 Emissions) iShift Transmission Enhancements We also made several enhancements and bug fixes in our new DTC Solutions v1.2. This includes: Easier Navigation Two changes have been made to help navigate the software easier. First, we have now broken down the navigation filters into “Make” and then “ECM”. This allows you to find the information you are looking at much quicker then previously, and you no longer have to scroll through a long list.   The other change is that the rows are now “taller” then before. With many of our...

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