Month: December 2015

PF-Diagnose and Truck Engine Parameters

What is PF-Diagnose? As a brief refresher to those that are not aware, PF-Diagnose is an aftermarket PC based software diagnostic program that works for Heavy Duty Truck, Medium Duty Truck, Light Duty Truck, Automotive, Agricultural, Industrial, and Marine. This simple to use, yet very powerful, diesel diagnostic program will allow you to read engine codes (and get actual OEM flash codes!), view live engine data, clear codes, record snapshots, and much more. You can read more about it on the Pocketfleet website, or on our website as well. PF-Diagnose and Engine Parameters A question we are asked quite a bit is “What engine parameters can PF-Diagnose read?”. This is a very good question, and we thought it was time to compile a list. As of the more current version today (v3.4), here is the current list: Number of J2012 DTCs Invalid Data Parameter Transmitter System Status Transmitter System Diagnostic Underrange Warning Condition Overrange Warning Condition Entry Assist Position Entry Assist Motor Current Fuel Supply Pump Inlet Pressure Suction Side Fuel Filter Differential Pressure Engine Oil Level Remote Reservoir Extended Range Fuel Pressure Extended Range Engine Oil Pressure Extended Range Engine Coolant Pressure Engine ECU Temperature Extended Engine Crankcase Blow-by Pressure Generator Oil Pressure Generator Coolant Temperature Air Conditioner System Status #2 Estimated Percent Fan Speed Percent EGR Valve Position Percent Accelerator Position #3 Percent Accelerator Position #2 Crankcase...

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TEXA IDC4 Truck Version 37 Released

TEXA IDC4 Truck Diagnostics The TEXA IDC4 Truck Diagnostic software package is the industry leading computerized diagnostic software for commercial trucks. With virtually “dealer level” diagnostics for class 6 through 8 commercial trucks, the TEXA does it all. From code reading and clearing, to running functional tests such as injector cut-outs, forced DPF regenerations, parameter changing, and more, the TEXA IDC4 is the software for the job. The TEXA IDC4 software works in conjunction with the Navigator TXTs communication adapter box. TEXA IDC4 Truck Version 37 Release In November 2014, TEXA released version 37 of the truck diagnostic software. Besides the addition and expansion of systems as mentioned below, the new version also comes with an important new feature: Road Test. This new function makes it possible to record the diagnostic session with the vehicle in order to spot those specific faults that cannot be detected when the vehicle is parked in a shop. TEXA has released a feature that covers this new addition, and you can watch it on YouTube. As for the new features included in the TEXA IDC4 Truck version 37, the list is as follows: Cummins Engines More adjustments & activations for Cummins pre-2007 engines. You can now perform injector cut-out tests, EGR valve tests, parameter changing, and much more. Chevrolet ABS system was added. Detroit Diesel & Mercedes Benz New proprietarty diagnostic systems were...

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Wabco Toolbox ABS Software Version 12 Released

Wabco Toolbox ABS Software Wabco has officially released the latest version of their popular Wabco Toolbox software. Meritor Wabco Toolbox software provides PC diagnostics for SmartTrac, including Tractor and Trailer Pneumatic ABS, Trailer RSSplus, Trailer EBS™, Hydraulic ABS and Hydraulic Power Brake (HPB), as well as OnGuard, OnLane, and OptiRide Electronically Controlled Air Suspension (ECAS). In short, the Wabco Toolbox software provides complete functionality for everything electronic that Meritor manufactures for commercial trucks. This program provides the following basic functions: Displays both static and dynamic information from the system under test Displays both active and stored system faults, as well as the appropriate repair information Activates system components to verify system integrity, correct component operation, and installation wiring Provides direct digital access to product maintenance manuals Offers easy lookup of install instructions Reverse Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) Lookup Aftermarket ECU Programming updates Wabco Toolbox Version 12 Updates There have been some new additions to the Wabco Toolbox with version 12, which is broken down by category: Tractor Additional Pneumatic ABS ECU (E8) New inclusion of Electronic Braking System (EBS) ECU OnGuardACTIVE Diagnostics Truck Hydraulic Power Brake 500k Baud Support Hydraulic ABS-E 500k Baud Support Toolbox Software Improved Quick Start Guide J1939 Bus Monitor 500k System Requirements The Wabco Toolbox software does not require much for a computer. The minimum requires includes: Windows XP, Vista, or 7 1 GB RAM...

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